Interview with Pamela Spiro Wagner, on Schizophrenia and mental Illness in general

I have personally seen Pam in a hospital and although it wasn’t in one of those where she was so abused, I found the treatment of her and other there denigrating. I am glad Pam has stood through it all for over 40 good years. Sharing her experiences and view and being so candid is an awesome thing to do. Thanks Pam for Sharing and advocating this forecully.

WAGblog: Dum Spiro Spero

Am I opinionated or what? But someone has to SAY these things!!! Peace!


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6 thoughts on “Interview with Pamela Spiro Wagner, on Schizophrenia and mental Illness in general”

  1. HI Marie, Thank you for this You know, even though I was not physically abused at the Brattleboro Retreat,I was horribly psychologically abjused so much so that I consider it one of the worst places I ever went, and I name it the single hospital in Vermont I would absolutely refuse to return to ever, much more so than anywhere they restrained me! Go figure! but it is true, they were worse to me there without physical abuse than the places that did restrain and seclude me!

    1. I felt that and so loathed them treating you patients like underdogs. But well, let’s move on right? How can one ever forget such trauma in life? You are brave! You are generous to share same and you are considerate in not wanting to to call names.

    2. And you know Pammy, those people almost made me have a meltdown when they told me of their no touching policy. It was terrible for me going back home that evening without having hugged you. I actually got lost twice but the walk also helped me some. I remember for the first time having a bad dream in your house. The next morning I left home very early if only to wait in the yard until 9 am. Yes, your video did trigger some and am appalled really at the way some mentally challenged are treated.

      1. Yes I was afraid of that,..I felt so so bad for YOU, about that. I Felt your shock. I am used to that sort of barbarity as you can imagine. It was NORMAL for me to have them insult me like that but for them to insult YOU like that was almost beyond bearing. It was unspeakable, and I did not know what to do. I could not say anything because they would have simply asserted the “rules” as they always did, but it was disgusting. and of course the least healing thing in the world. Can you imagine? of course, you know, they would NEVER say that to family members. THey only said that to you because you were not a family member…THe fuckers! The goddam mother fuckers…Sorry but now I am remembering this and my blood boils. You see why their psychological abuse was worse than the physical abuse I got in other hospitals??? Much worse. Much worse. And I will name names, It was the AWFUL hospital in Brattleboro, the psychiatric hospital known as The Brattleboro Retreat, Tyler 4 unit.

      2. Oh really because I wasn’t a family member? Wow. Do they know some people have ‘family members’ they’ll rather melt than have them touch them? Do they know blood ain’t all there is to family member? Gladly we are past that incident now and I really pray my dear Pammy never goes to that nasty so called Retreat again. Nothing short of a Jail to me. I fondly recall one your neighbours a sweet guy he gave me a flower. The next day I brought no sneaked him a poem of encouragement.

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