4 thoughts on “Give it a try even if you are past dateline: You never can tell

  1. Marie, I am so glad you wrote this story! It is inspiring to me even in my current state…I wish I could call you and cheer, but alas my voice is gone again. And the other voices do not want me to talk. But rest assured that Mott visits often and Wendy takes good care of me, and I may go spend a week or more at the lovely respite house in the country where they were all so welcoming, if they have an opening there soon. But if I cannot say I am truly okay, I will get there, I hope, eventually. Thank you for your wonderful blog, Write on!


    1. Thank you too Pammy and Hope on. My regards to Mott and Wendy and Julie. Am glad to be inspiring and I will write on even if only for you and me. Wishing you so much well with all my love.


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