Are you defined or refined by your past???

Do we see or feel the rays no matter how blurred; or we only see the narrow and dark path? How much is this a cause and effect of our past?

Hello world,

We are approaching the weekend and my ever contemplative and searching soul just thought about what my past has or is still doing to me. I then thought to share it with us all here and maybe inspire others to do their own introspection.

Ok let’s go.

1) Did my past cause me so much pain to make me despise lots of it? YES. I have admitted my role in all the mess of my past and tried to deal with them in different ways all with a bid to heal. Now, we all know the wise saying about not focussing so much on your past to let it influence your present right? Well I dare argue that wisdom so so easier said than done… There are many including myself who have numerous times over been both physical and mental victims – hostage of their pasts. Some pasts have been know to impact so badly our present circumstances so much that the future is completely blurred and unfathomable…  but then next;

2) Am I so ashamed of my past to talk about it or share it? Me, NO. When I realized how much shame of my past was killing me slowly and almost got me to drive a knife in, I decided, (even if implementing that took a few years) to deal with that shame and talk about that past through any medium available. For me, it was also a way to fight stigma. The stigma associated with being a ‘loser, a pimp, an addict, a mentally challenged or ill, etc etc’ and who knows whom will be helped by my story right? ok, and so what now;

3) What has facing my past and pain and sharing done? Oh my, the big big positives negate the tiny setbacks or few hate trolls. I even got a national award for my very first memoir. I have become much more self-empowered and aware, so full of gratitude, so conscious of Amazing Grace, so full of faith, oh so determined as a women’s rights and mental health advocate.I hardly turn down any invitation to talk about my past, share my lessons and journey and yes on my own platforms there is no hiding where I come from… I have become one of those brands you don’t mess around with and I am at peace with this ME… Who knows what or where I would have been had I not made that conscious, painful and challenging decision  to deal with and heal from my past;  and so in conclusion;


Today, I confidently answer that my past has not defined me but it has refined me – it has helped me to embrace self-improvement, self-love, self-appreciation, self-worth and oh my self-esteem is better than ever. This has been a long journey and actually an ongoing one… But, am better equipped and am using that past and pain as solid foundations from which to springboard to greater heights in all faith, hope and charity.

And you…??? Please share cause you really never know who can be helped by your comment

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!


9 thoughts on “Are you defined or refined by your past???”

  1. BRAVA!

    Marie, I wish I were as far along this path as you are, but alas, I feel that perhaps my past defines me far more than it has refined me. Never the less the distinction is a great one to make and I shall spend some time thinking about this. I wish I could call you to talk about it and so much more, but as you know, I think, my voice is gone again…So I must content myself with thinking about doing so.

    I send you so much love and fondness,


    1. Hi Vishal, thanks for your comment. Yes our past can and surely does define and refine us. I just think we have the ability to chose to what extent it does so, especially if we our mental faculties in tact.

  2. Love this – and congrats to you for having the courage to heal and make efforts to live a better life. I could use more work in that area – but am working on it!

    Hugs & love, Molly

    1. dear Molly, thank for your comment. It took me so much to get to this point but it was worth it. Am still on the journey and so are all of us. From reading your memoir, there is no doubt how far you have come too.
      Hugs and love in abundance, wish you could visit some day cause I see you used to love travelling lotd

  3. Beautiful, humble and empowering post. It’s glorious when our pain is used for strengthening others. So glad to have found your site. Many blessings to you!

    1. Hi Patty, thanks so much for your comment. I am glad my vulnerability is helping much more than it could ever hurt. I am glad I left the comment on Doc Johnathan’s post caused it has got a few likes meaning it resonated with some, and eventually led you here. Let me go check your blog out too. Many blessings your way too. Namatse 🙂

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