PAW Pink Party: I will be on a panel

So, hello world, we get what PAW stands for, and PAW Cameroon is slowly but taking off. I was invited to join a panel and I am excited about the panel I’ll be joining.

Getting Authentic: Leading from your Heart against all odds

This is a VIP highlight of my week. 

The week is starting off challenging because I somehow contracted the mumps virus… (I thought I was too old for that oh my), but I hope all is well by then.

Have a nice week everybody, and I ‘ll sure share feedback.

Thank you for your support and all


11 thoughts on “PAW Pink Party: I will be on a panel”

    1. Thanks Timi, I am much better and at the office today. In short, I managed to give lectures on Sunday but I stayed home on monday after the hospital. The conference is interesting and I’ll just speak from my heart – I guess I’ll be in very good health and shape by that Friday.

  1. Marie, my dear, this is excellent news. How exciting! Well done on another amazing achievement for you.

    I pray for quick healing so you will be 100% better by Friday for the conference. Will it be recorded? I would love to see you speaking at the conference or listen to you.

    Have a blessed day. x

    1. Thanks so much Junie. I think it will be recorded and I’ll find out how I can get a copy. Thanks for your prayers, am already felling much better and at work today. Stay blessed

  2. So sorry to hear about the mumps. Given a healthy immune system this disease most commonly self resolves. Reduce stress, eat healthy and get some good quality rest. I know that Friday will be a big day.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a memorable experience at the conference.

    1. Thanks so much doc, yes am doing those and already feeling much better. I put myself on much much natural remedies alongside an intinflamatory prescribed by my MD. Am actually up and about. I have also left some comments on your posts but didn’t get feedback and was actually wondering if you were well or maybe so bizy.

      1. I can go through 300-500 emails per day with people asking questions about personal experiences. It can take me 2-3 days to respond, because I continue to read other people’s writings and comment on them. As you can tell, I spend time commenting on those who leave a message on my site. It is difficult to reach a balance within a 24 hour day. You can ALWAYS count on a response from me. I GREATLY VALUE people’s time and willingness to share their personal experiences and feelings.

      2. Oh wow I never knew you had such a full pot. And your posts are so helpful, personally am hooked to your site till you ever stop. I appreciate your response to my comments but I don’t chase responses like this generally. Thanks so much

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