What do you measure achievements by???

The dreaded mumps of 5 days ago are all gone

I am sitting as you can see from the above picture ( I just learned how to play with pictures et voila), waiting for a gathering to start, I am already anxious because it’s an hour and a half late and still no sign of starting. I have already been given my badge as a panelist, on which it is boldly written: “I am a Barrister at Law”. That badge sparks this post…

Is the Barrister accolade my greatest or even an accomplishment I want to be known or remembered for? It’s not like I was ever asked which to be used anyway.

This musing about accomplishments flashes me back to a discussion with someone last week about the same subject. Ah my ever searching soul…

I had just been told someone I knew had been appointed to a high public office. I was sure happy for them, and in our exchange we marvelled at all their accomplishments. Well, those we knew of, those we read and heared of, you know like this my ” Barrister at Law” tag…

And then I told the person I was chatting with that I looked at accomplishments from a very different angle altogether. For example, I told them I felt they had accomplished a lot coming out of a tradegy the way they have. I added that I felt more accomplished today than 10 years ago when I ironically had more money, two cars and was a ‘Mrs’…

But then, this is my view; it depends first of all I guess on what you consider accomplishments. Maybe I should have started this post by looking that up?

So, I scheduled this post for two days later, so that maybe I could come up with ideas over the weekend or some input from a discussion I may pick up during the gathering.

In the meantime, another of my recent accomplishments is being able to treat a dreaded mumps with more natural remedies than would otherwise have been the case 10 years ago… (I only grudgingly took an anti inflamtory for 3 days) – and am also grateful for all the moral support I had during this difficult period

But then, let me throw this open to my e family, what do you consider accomplishments? What do you measure them by?

Have a great week ahead


7 thoughts on “What do you measure achievements by???”

  1. And speaking of accomplishments, I know you have received many blog awards in the past, but I wanted to pass along (once again) the One Lovely Blog Award to you ❤

    Don't feel obligated to pass it along again, I just wanted to express to you that I appreciate you and have been so blessed to connect with you over the past few months! I appreciate the message you are expressing to the world, and have been so thankful for your endless encouragement towards me as well 😀

    1. Oh Talasi how kind. Thank you so much. Yep I had already received the Lovely Blog Award lol. You know even diving into blogging and still here after 3 years is another big accomplishment of mine. Sure you have many too. Have a blessed week ahead

  2. I measure accomplishments by the amount of peace it brings to me and others. That way I know if I’m part of the solution or the problem. Helping other people is a Surefire way to bring peace into the world. Social justice is very important to me.

    1. We are on the same lane. My profession is for economic purposes but what make me feel accomplished are almost all on the other polar. For example keeping my blog against odds and for near 4 years, that’s a big one cause I have seen it bring me such fulfillment and help so many people too. Thanks for your comment Buffalo buddy

  3. Marie, congratulations again on your achievements. You’ve done really well and I admire your commitment to whatever you put your mind to do. It’s inspiring.

    My biggest achievement was raising my daughters on my own. It was a tough job but thank God I managed it. My other achievement was writing and self-publishing my first book. That idea was my baby for a long time but it’s done now and ticked off my list. I have other achievements as well, but those two are the major ones.

    Have a nice evening. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments. You see that in most cases only you can know your true achievements right? When am sometimes introduced and no mention is made of my being a mum and a single parent to stretch that showing the courage and faith it takes, I often correct that before I even start any discussion. In the end if you ask me, one’s legacy is one’s real and greatest achievement. Will be the amount in your bank account or the thoughts in people’s hearts?

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