Near two tough weeks: Grateful for a reachout from Kenya

This is a zig zag post, beating myself to write. Scared am losing my blogging zeal, thanks to some real tough times for almost two weeks now.

My last two posts of last Friday and Monday this weeks were equally sketchy and soulful. Indeed, the two before those were on ‘achievements’ and ‘allegations I took the easy way out’. Don’t even have energy to link those.

One big ray of cheer came last weekend from a guy in Kenya who wanted to get two copies of one my books. Amazon doesn’t mail there, he had to pay me first and then I ordered the books to be delivered to the US from where they’ll be mailed out to him. ‘Too much Trouble’? I learnt so much from that experience and really appreciate that reach out.

One thing trying to keep me sane so far is sports, and yes my boys and all their buzz, and a few others  – the campaign for my late brother’s foundation is ok on my mind though lot of pressure comes from there too…

Let me not bore you more – glad I did write this – a way to face my demons and not flee from them – and I know such times shall come to pass in my Almighty Father’s name Amen

Have a nice weekend

2 thoughts on “Near two tough weeks: Grateful for a reachout from Kenya”

  1. Thinking of you, & sending my love, Marie.

    I’m so glad you’re getting those books out to Kenya!!!!
    That’s good that sports are helping you & your boys, etc..

    the way you face your demons no matter what inspires me.

    Please forgive me for not reading regularly. I’ve kept up with no contact with mom, and it has drained me even though it’s the right thing for me to do right now, but all the same, I’ve been very sad. :(((

    1. Thanks so much for your comment lady. I understand you are going through issues too and with fall so nearby wow. You can imagine how draining it is either way. That relationship is a child’s life saver or server whichever. When disrupted, you can imagine. We both struggle captain, yes we do. Cheering each other up as best as we can is commendable.

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