All the Single mothers: All the Single mothers…

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Dear World,

An emotional recap of my single motherhood journey. I share part 1 of a 3 series post to be featured on the phenomenal blog Miraculous Ladies

Have a great midweek


5 thoughts on “All the Single mothers: All the Single mothers…”

  1. People are often quick to judge without ever having “walked even an inch” in another person’s shoes. I have learned there are only TWO judges of my life; GOD and ME. If we LEARN to spend less time judging and more time REACHING A HELPING HAND, our lives would be more fulfilling. I have written it many times…. giving to others is the BEST gift one can give to SELF.

    1. Aw doc thanks for your comment oh so true. You know this post was kind of to cheer other single mothers up with my journey. I have long beaten stigma and all what not. And I agree with you 300% it is between you and God or whoever or none ever you believe in. That’s also why I write about mental illness, mental health and some other unconventional stuffs… Thank you once more and I so loved your recent post on the “supposed to know all doctor” lol

    1. Ada, thank you. It still isn’t all sweet and sexy lol. But I love the roses in our garden… Their thorns and all. By my Lord’s Amazing Grace we are living it moment by moment.

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