Imperative Scarifices (Launching Mental Health Awareness Month)

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Never been a coming without a going

A taking without a given

I may be losing touch

Seeing too much reality


More of as I see

You have to sacrifice 

Even manna was prayed for

No good ain’t easy


You got to watch a lot

Watch what you eat

Watch what you drink

Watch what you smoke

Watch what you do


And then the people

You got to sacrifice some

Who you know

Who you don’t

Who you look up to

Who you look not to


If inspite you still crazy go

You got to try

Try to take dem meds

Try to do some sports

Try to sleep a sound

Try to try therapy

Try to eat right

Try to not give up


Cause in life as I see

Much depends on us 

Us before them

It may seem impossible

But with sacrifice

The ill can be buried

Imperative sacrifice

Mental health is Mental Wealth, lend a helping hand or listening ear: Stop the Stigma


2 thoughts on “Imperative Scarifices (Launching Mental Health Awareness Month)”

    1. Sheri, your comment makes my week. With all on your plate you find it to leave a comment on my blog? Oh, thank you and wishing you all the best – for people like you I advocate firmly on

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