When Royalty gets involved…

Today, I am presenting a poster on the need for epilepsy mobile clinic to plug the knowledge gap in rural settings…in Dakar Senegal. I will subsequently do a post on the corellation between epilepsy and mental challenges (my brother suffered from both and I have read from some who have had a challenging history with both)

Over to today’s post, I want to share an interesting post I read on the mental health writer’s guild aptly titled: Heads together a Right Royal Approach

The point of my post today is that mental health advocacy and sensitization is gaining more and more celeb attention: Yes; the cream of the creamIest Royalty are Putting their Heads Together and doing face time with stars like the one and only Lady Gaga…

So, if Royalty can talk about it and get involved – what holds you back?

We all have mental healths to take care of admit it or not, stop the stigma by putting your own heads together – thank you


3 thoughts on “When Royalty gets involved…”

  1. Fear of “being different” or “feeling different” is likely an important contributing factor to the stigma people face. Whether it’s developmental issues, chemical imbalances or anything else that contributes to mental imbalances, these concerns EXIST and need to be addressed compassionately. Overcoming health issues requires self commitment that many (who are suffering) security weaknesses need assistance with. Helping people discover SOLUTIONS on a level THEY CAN HANDLE AND MANAGE is an important step in the right direction.

    Celebrities may gain ATTENTION for the CAUSE, but communities must be willing to contribute financially, emotionally and physically to help address this problem if a meaningful SOLUTION(S) is/are to be discovered.

    1. Yes doc you are right in your analysis. So we are grateful for the attention brought and gained by celebrities and royals etc, bit indeed communities – starting even with ourselves should be willing to do our part. Hence my seeking to learn and advocate and face challenges and help others with my vulnerability and stories and empathy. When you help, you receive too hundred fold. Some don’t know and don’t even wanna know because they fear out of that ignorance

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