Be not Ashamed

no shame

Be not ashamed to cry

You can’t store it all forever

Crying is no sign of weakness

Humanness if you ask me

An emotion just like others

Be not ashamed to cry

When it hurts so bad

When the knee gets knocked

When the mind goes mad

Crying can help inside out

Be not ashamed to tell

When you’ve gone thru stuff

So shameful you want out

Telling could bring such help

And who knows who you help

Be not ashamed to write

Write it all for you or us

So much therapy if you try

You have to take a step

Ignore stigma and shame

Be not ashamed to read

Read yours and ours

Keeping the brain as busy

Just like you should your body

But be not ashamed of your pace

Be not ashamed to hope

Even when all seems hopeless

The last beat maybe bring a break

Hope that break could lead to a breakthrough

What is life without hope?

Be not ashamed to love

Love yourself and others

Try and try and try

You never can tell when

One more time could be deal

Be not ashamed to be You

P.S: This has personally helped me a lot. I remember hearing Obama and other big figures say asking, crying, reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but of strenth


7 thoughts on “Be not Ashamed”

  1. Sharing emotions, support, trust, kindness and all attributes that make a person whole shows the strength, not weakness of the individual. It is the insecure person fearful of others finding out just how fearful they truly are of life and its shortfalls that creates a stoic appearance fragile and ready to crumble at a moments notice. Those willing to use their strengths to help others will ultimately grow out from their weaknesses as they in turn receive support and guidance.

    1. Thanks for your comment doctor, when I realized four years ago how beneficial, uplifting and freeing it was to so share and help others too in the process, I went for all all my soul. Nowadays, any emotionally taxing stuff I quickly share either here on my blog or by emails and etc. Sometimes, it helps so tremendously to just have someone listen or read with empathy. So much has been given, so much is expected and am trying my best without shame where I fall short Amen

      1. This looks like a marvelous outlet. I have found most people to be very empathetic. It is a good place to vent and seek novel answers from so many different perspectives.

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