Alone time to better position yourself…

Alone time 1

Hello world, this is a short post but I hope the title and graphics tell us it not one to be taken lightly. I will as usual use a personal incident to illucidate why I so value alone time.

One day a few weeks ago I returned home from seeing off a friend and there was smoke in the kitchen. It later on turned out my last son Gaby had turned the burner on and gone off to take a shower and then forgotten about what was on the stove. David had put some rice to warm us as I was leaving, and after he turned it off, Gaby taught he hadn’t done done a good heat up. When I came back, already stressed from some incident during the day, I was so angry I was shaking… all the what ifs were running wild in my head… I instinctly gave David a slap and just realized that wasn’t the best approach… I had tears in my eyes and the boy was apparently so shocked he burst into tears too… I quickly went and locked myself in my room and put some soothing music… I stayed in there for like 45 mins and although they all came knocking on the door, I had to calm down completely before letting them in. We talked, made peace and I was so sorry. I was however glad I locked myself up and got that alone time…

alone-time 2

We need alone time especially to care for ourselves, our mental health, take perpective etc. I call them My Me Moments and used to plan them and structure them and all… but now, even when I wake up and have some precious 15 minutes before the boys barge in, am grateful…I take even blogging breaks when I need to and I don’t appologize for saying No I can’t go with someone because I’ll rather stay by myself home… Life can be so hectic, these alone times are so needed to better position oneself

Alone time 3

Precious alone time in on the beach Dakar after sports

And you gentle readers and followers, any thoughts on alone time?


2 thoughts on “Alone time to better position yourself…”

  1. Absolutely ESSENTIAL. It is a concept I recommend that everyone implement on a daily basis (if possible.) Although it may be used to reduce stress and other causes of anxiety, it is even wiser to view this time as an opportunity to reinforce a HEALTHY STATE of inner balance.

    I am glad all worked out well in your situation. Life is full of so many challenges. Sometimes these challenges build up faster than our emotional reserves are capable of handling them in a calm rational manner. Recognizing this fact is important to protect all those involved from suffering additional pain.

    1. So true doctor, thanks for your comment. I also learnt something about alone time, it enables me to reflect on and appreciate myself more than I ‘ll ever do otherwise, it enables me to reflect on any situation and look out for the positive in there and above all it teaches me to be in tune with silence and my environment. It is so healthy and am grateful for even only 5 mins each day. When I wake up in the morning I lie there for 5 mins just alone and no qualms. Fone and all don’t sleep under my pillow or anywhere nearby so am not tempted to look at that. I haven’t read about anyone who condemns alone time hence my considering it a precious ability. I am even very pleased to notice that my first two sons like having their quiet times. I pray my 7 year old picks that up too eventually. Have a nice day

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