Enjoying Me My Mental Health Advocacy


My contributions on pages 20-21

Hello world, it’s 18 days already into this month which is Mental Health Advocacy Month, and am enjoying my efforts at raising awareness.

I mean, in addition to writing and networking for such a ‘complex’ subject which I am passionately passionate about (oh yes I am), I have had the honour of guest blogging and now am even published in a magazine oh wow.

Two full pages to write all I wanted on the topic



And it could not have landes on a better date. Today I am not only working from home because am tired of commuting into town with all that ‘crazy traffic’, but I also had to deal with 2 ‘mini’ stressors this morning.

Let me sit back and leisurely read this magazine. LEGIDEON is published by some dynamic sons and daughters of my native land in the diaspora;  and it is Succulently labelled “A Washington DC Based News Magazine” – you can log in and read online.

Keep doing what you do and enjoy yourself in the process… All the best to us all – take care of your mental health


3 thoughts on “Enjoying Me My Mental Health Advocacy”

  1. Published writer, spokes woman, advocate, mother,…. I can’t believe how many “hats” you wear! I have pretty good stamina and your efforts wear me out!! Keep up the good work and make certain you keep creating “YOU” time!

    1. Hahaha doctor you make ne blush. I have been contacted just yesterday for another write up in woman’s magazine and I was thinking how far I have come. From trying to fill up a 2 page CV in 1999 to trying to summarize one in 2017. Yes I treasure my me moments and workouts, watching what I eat too and how I take care of my mental health above all. Have a nice weekend do and thanks for all your eye opening writeups

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