One of those days when the memory of a loved one drains your zeal…

I didn’t plan to blog today, I didn’t know how I will feel today, I just wished I could go through this day as normally as possible.

My brother of blessed memory was born on the 6th of June 1981.

There are days his memory drives me with so much zeal to do my best for the foundation and my life in general. He wished me and the boys so so much. I loved him to my marrow and oh he went through so so much.

And so today and also the day he died (August 2), are those days when his memory drains that zeal. I am writing hoping to feel better after I publish. Writing is cathartic to me.

To all those who go through such moments in their lives, this too shall come to pass. I don’t even know how to look or talk to mum today. She celebrated his last & 33rd birthday with him on the 6/6/2014 in Boston. 

Ah, Healing it seems to me is a never ending journey…I am immortalizing this day by making a new I’d since forgetting the other one in Dakar

Thank you for reading and having a kind thought for me especially on this day


16 thoughts on “One of those days when the memory of a loved one drains your zeal…”

  1. Dear Marie, i am keeping .you in my thoughts and my heart today…your work will benefit many and if there is a place from which Gabriel can look down and hear and see you, i am sure he is smiling upon you.



    1. Oh Pammy, thanks for your comment. Yes I believe the ‘youngman ‘ as I sometimes call him is smiling at me. Today is just one of those days where I hum all day that song by Faith Evans and P Diddy: ‘Every step I take, every move, I make, every single day, I’ll be missing you…’

  2. Sending you so much love on such a hard day, my beautiful and beloved friend!!!!
    You’re right – healing is a neverending journey.
    Keep writing….I hope with all my heart you feel at least a little better now!
    XXXOOXXX and (((hugs)))),
    Lady Dy

    1. Oh I do captain and hmm reading that blurb from JH wow. Am already feeling like a star who knows another star all the way in the US. And, my first so wrote me a beautiful letter today in summarizing what he learnt from reading Born a Crime. Am so glad he is loving to read prose and write poems – says he’ll write his story someday hahaha

  3. Dear Marie, praying that God will fill your heart with His perfect peace. Sending you lots of love and hugs. xx

  4. Dearest marie.. I m sorry to hear about your loss. No person can ever fulfill his absence in your life. Parent’s should see their children thriving not dying. Your mother must be a strong person for her loss is the greatest but she is still helping you with your foundation. You ppl are really an inspiration for many.

    1. Dear Shyamal, thank you for your comment. I am much better now and although we didn’t talk about this date, mum and I knew it was a heavy remembrance we just had to survive. The Foundation for mum is her son reaching out to many and I am doing all I do there with all my love for my brother. Thank you once more

  5. Yes Marie, healing is truly a never ending process. The beautiful memories and love we have in our hearts are also eternal and there to comfort us during these difficult days. Wishing the healing comfort of memories to you and your family today and always. God bless.

    1. Dear Martha, thank you so much. I know you understand and have so much empathy. The beautiful memories indeed filled me up gradually as the day drew to an end. My boys also went an extra mile left or right to make me smile or shout and am grateful for that lol

  6. I view June 6th differently for you. I view it as the day you honor the ETERNAL memory of a brother that gave you the gift of love that many siblings NEVER give or receive from each other. It is a day of celebration that removed the pain and tragedies that planet EARTH imposed on a gentle man.
    … and since his passing occurred 5 days before my birthday, I will now view this as a blessing passed on to me. You see, his life has brought the two of us together.

    I hope this comment brings a new perspective to helps lighten the burden on your heart.

    1. Oh wow wow wow, yes I’l henceforth remind myself of this on this day as well as on Aufust 2nd. And the fun or irony etc is that last year I didn’t feel the day the same melancholy way… Thank you so much and hmm you are a Mid year Guy too – so intelligent I hear and know this guys are

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