A Poem from my son & an amazon gift card fills me with so much Gratitude

Amazon.com Gift Card

Hope you enjoy this Amazon gift card!

Amazon.com Gift Card

Hello world, this week has been roller coaster and kind of fast. I am still tired from my previous month activities and also setting up a company, and I still got so much to do. This weekend however kicks off with so much gratitude. I received not one but two amazon gift cards yesterday and oh my one was worth 100 good dollars. How grateful can I be? I so love books it’s like I have to set aside an entire day a week now just for reading – you can guess how many books I have already bought so far…

The other thing which fills my heart with so so much gratitude is this poem below from Alain my son written on the 6th of June, one of those days – He said I could share with us all on my blog:

Tue, 6th June 2017

Human Life

As heat from the sun can be

As permanent and resistant as mosquitoes

Suffering and pain attack the poor

Poverty is as selfish as magots

Sucking a dead animal’s body

But riches do bring problems too

Riches can be swept away 

by illness and disasters

Human has a natural curse it seems

But is blessed with knowledge

Some have clean and clear minds

Others are in uncomfortable minds

In a family, love and hope is needed

to succeed most in life

(c) Alain Michel

Have a Great and Graceful Weekend Everybody


7 thoughts on “A Poem from my son & an amazon gift card fills me with so much Gratitude”

    1. He will see this comment and coming from you a veteran poet will fuel him up with motivation. You see Pammy, he had written a few before and tore them because he thought I wouldn’t love them

  1. “Poverty is as selfish as magots

    Sucking a dead animal’s body”

    Tell Alain I thought he used a wonderful simile here!! (As a writing teacher would say, a simile is a figure of speech that compare two things using “like” or “as”) and also in the line about The mosquitoes. That is what makes good writing good. The imaginative use of very concrete imagery to make your point. We can see and even feel those maggots sucking the dead animals body so we get an idea of just how bad this sort of selfishness is! What a wonderful line!!!

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