My Son’s Book Review of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

My excitement at getting this book is now solidified by my son’s soulful summary

Born a Crime Review by Alain Michel

Please click on the link it is to a pdf document

He wrote that review on the 6th of June which was one of those days for me, as well as the poem I shared here previously too. That date now means so much more to me, and am seriously and sincerely so grateful.

Thank you all for reading,  he will read your comments on his review and see the likes too – He did read it and is currently reading the richest man in babylon and you can imagine how happy I am he is gradually discovering the wonders of books and poems right?


4 thoughts on “My Son’s Book Review of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah”

  1. Thank you Alain Michel for you very personal and individualised review of this book. I like your unique interpretation of this biography, or autobiography, for why else write a review if not to express your personal take on it? I learned a lot from your review and found it fascinating, so fascinating that i want now to read this book myself!

    I hope one day that you too will write your own memoir and let us know how your life turned out and the many ways it ended up differing from your expectations now, as it surely will.

    Thank you again, and Best wishes,

    pam wagner

    1. Tahnk you so much aunty Pammy. Mum has told us so much about you. My brothers and I wish you so much well. One day I plan to write my memoir too and I know I can always count on mum’s help. Alain Michel

  2. Alain, I can’t wait for you to write your memoir as well as other books. You write so well! Your mum is blessed to have amazing sons like you and your brothers.
    She writes about you a lot, so I feel as if I know you all.
    Well done Alain Michel and give mummy a hug from me.

    1. Aw Ada, on behalf of Alain I thank you. They are in the village with their grandpa for three thrilling weeks. He will sure read your comment when he comes. In the meantime he did a review of my poetry collection which I’ll be sharing sometime. Thanks for the likes and comments dear Ada

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