Personifying my Anxiety: I call her Loha

Anxiety Loha
Loha, (Love Hate): My worst friend my best enemy

I have know Loha pretty all my life. She has kept my mind alert more than I could ever wish for. Whether I ask her to come along or not she does. Always offering suggestions, making me doubt my own self, getting me double check on stuffs I have done, and beating myself more than I should for any omission or slight delay. She sometimes makes me wish a day had 48 hours even when I’ll still feel like a failure at the end of each day.

Oh Loha you are the worst of my friends – you nag! Yes, although I like that you help me plan well in advance and think of all possible scenarios of what, who, why, when something could go wrong; the fact that you more often than not come up with those your fall short blabla when any merry comes or is sighted, qualifies you my best enemy.

I think we should revisit our relationship, I wish I could just cut you out, sometimes I feel I have done just that. Is it a must that once you know someone it should be for life? Can you answer me that? Or do you only want me to take a pill which could give me that courage to kick you the hell out of life?

I am gradually however discovering how to get back at you, for all the years when you sucked me down, with all your nagging. I can now tell you to your face, call you out to the world, embarrass you too some. If you don’t like my approach, get lost because more is coming. I have new friends teaching me more tricks. I know much more than I used to, Loha you better step up or be doomed forever you shapeless chameleon creature – no doubt your best colour you say is black!!!

P.S: That was a guest post I submitted last month following a call to submit. I followed up and got my submission acknowledged, but it never got ‘selected for publishing’ and no courtesy did I get in the form of a ‘rejection/notification’. So, considering it their loss and Loha being mine anyway, I share it with us all.

I am officially taking a 1 month summer break from writing on my blog, but I’ll be reading, commenting and why not reblog any I find cool.

Love loads and all the best from Loha and I 🙂


2 thoughts on “Personifying my Anxiety: I call her Loha”

  1. Once again we look at life from slightly different perspectives. I look at Loha as a STRENGTH within you. It is the rational side that strives to achieve the BEST SOLUTIONS by seeking as many NEGATIVE assumptions as possible.
    It is your emotional response to LOHA that makes you see her actions as negative and harmful.
    Viewing Loha as a balancing source to spontaneity and haphazard actions adds better chances for improved outcomes. She should add CONFIDENCE to your ACTIONS because her exposure to the “downside” provides greater opportunity to uncover solutions BEFORE problems arise.
    Those who don’t have a Loha in their lives are more prone to making repeated mistakes without learning from them.

    Enjoy your month off from writing. You have certainly EARNED the time off! 🙂

    1. Wow doctor Jonathan, thank you so much. Your big and bright comment made me for once write out doctor and Jonathan in full. So I’ll embrace Loha henceforth, tame that other side and build on the added value of confidence with foresights she brings me. I will be actually hopefully using this month off to finish my book and well develop my business further . I hope I squeeze some travel in between, all the best doc

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