An area girl in her own village: How thrilling and natural can this be!!!

Please enjoy nature as much as you can, try to make the best of the one life you got…as you can all see, am doing just same…coming to the village with the boys is the best part of my vacation… So many memories of a childhood playing in the farm, sucking cocoa buds till sick, all the fruits and craftiness oh my…

Am here only for two days so am making the best. Will add pictures of today to that google album…the boys will have 3 whole weeks with their Grandpa… I can only imagine their experience… Coming here is a first time for them although Alain had come as kid but of course can’t remember that trip…like going to wum where I met Erico my hero, the journey ain’t to be recorded…the destination keeps you going and ignoring the road lol


5 thoughts on “An area girl in her own village: How thrilling and natural can this be!!!”

  1. Fun times with grandparents is important in our intergenerational connection. When my boys were young they visited grandparents every year for the entire summer until they became young adults. They still go home (here in the states) once a year even though my mom is an ancestor now.

    1. Oh Mimshe, and grandparents can spoil their grandkids hmm the boys were missing this. I remember how mine pampered me and I want the boys to do this every other summer henceforth as far as possible. Thanks for your comment

  2. You sound good, beautiful!

    Lucy & I have 3 days alone and I can work more on the book. It has mistakes on literally every single page, girl! But’s it’s all good. Craig & the kids went to L.A. and I haven’t been away from them since Aug. 2013 – wow!!!!!!

    I’m so glad your handsome & brilliant boys will be with their grandpa, Marie!!!
    Take great care of your precious, shining self!
    Love love love YOU!

    1. Oh lady, to take off from your precious time with Lucy to leave a comment. Thank you so much. You make the most of your alone time, seriously don’t miss Craig and girls cause am not sure they’ll miss you lol. The book will be just fine, am with you in spirit. Your fairy G all the way.

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