My Son’s book review of A Searching Soul by Marie Abanga (Me)

Alain's review SS

Kindle Cover

This is the first review of my poetry book which is on the amazon at the very afordable price of 0.89$ for kindle and 5 $ for paperback.

Thank you so much my e family and big shout out to all the authors in the house especially Pamela Spiro Wagner whose poetry reading I just so love, and  Dyane Leshin-Harwood whose epic memoir will be released very soon.


4 thoughts on “My Son’s book review of A Searching Soul by Marie Abanga (Me)”

  1. I love this young man so much! I’m reserving him for my future daughter- Marie take note and inform him of this new development.
    Will get the book ASAP.

  2. Your son’s character is revealed in his summary. He is a young man with obvious great potential. I’m not surprised knowing where his genes came from! Good luck on the sale of your book of poetry.

    1. Lol Doc, thank you. Tbh, I haven’t written any book am keen about the sales. Hence I suck in promotion or marketing. Whatever comes in as sales even of one makes me smile but above all any impact or review makes my day. I just had to share my son’s review especially as it was a surprise and am so grateful at the young man he is turning into. Thanks to all am learning from you included, I can teach them more soft skills for life and they learn these sooner than later and at a lesser emotional and mental cost than I.

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