Sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself to something

It may be ice cream like I had last friday sharing the moment with my son and budy Alain, or it may be something else…

Life is fleeting there is no doubt about that. One moment you are here and the next moment you are nought but memory.  You can’t afford to not enjoy yourself in the meantime. I know some of us are workaholics, and making time for a treat or indulging say in ice cream when ever mindful of our health and weight, may be a tough one to go for…

I am so grateful through my twists and turns I have come to a point of balance. Work and Play (reading and writing, dancing and singing can be play no problem), serious and joker, calorie counter and not so mindful etc…

It is important for our holistic wellbeing that we treat ourselves to something sometimes… Seriously if we don’t, life will still treat us to dust someday…

For the sake of treating myself this something also, I decided since last Tuesday to spend the rest of the week in Buea, working and playing from there ( I have to sadly return to Douala this afternoon, I have missed Ella and my home). I came with Alain and the other two musketeers are on vacation at their Dad’s… 

I attended a networking event sane tuesday evening and expanded my networks, I spent a whole day with my dearest Donna in the seaside resort of Limbe, on Friday,  I also attended two beautiful events yesterday Saturday and even got a beautiful attestation of participation…

Alain on his part accompanied me sometimes, but other times he had his own stuffs to do. He lived with a mentor and I elsewhere. That arrangement was also treating myself to some space away from him and letting him have his own experiences away from me…

It is VIP for our mental health and I am ever grateful for all these opportunities. Talking about being grateful these couple of days, I got that awesome piece of art from Donna I shared yesterday, I got featured among the 11 most sought after young speakers ( and trainers in Cameroon, and  I got the following from Alain –  I know he means that:

I actually loved washing their feet until even last year lol

Happy Sunday therefore to us and remember to sometimes treat yourself to something…

Another of Donna’s wonders

P.S: I developed Stye but the swollen eye ain’t going to spoil my mood no matter the iritarion lol (no picture for now who knows if that’s virtually contagious right?)


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself to something”

  1. Dearest Marie, so glad to read this…the simple pleasures are so so important and it is easy to forget them in the grind of every day, is it not? My friend, and former publicist, Diane, with whom i used to take a 4Mile walk for health and pleasure everynday always said, Ice cream makes everything better! So our four miles invariably ended at the ice cream parlor, which some people might think would “ruin” the point of our walking but of course it did not, it was the best part of it!

    I have now packaged up all those Christmas-in-August gifts for you and yours i promised to send to you via your sister, and had such fun doing it. I will try to get that single box in the mail by monday or tuesday.



    1. Aha now I pick up the ice cream makes everything better. But I love ice cream as a special treat since am weary of sugar or anything too sweet lol. I can’t wait for Christmas to open that parcel oh my. So therefore, go treat yourself to something wonderful and think of me when you do. Love, Marie

  2. What a beautiful illustration of caring for each other. Thanks for the reminder to stop and show ourselves love in meaningful ways. And ice cream definitely equals love. 🙂

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