When a smile was so hard to come by…

Marie June 1991

I have looked at several of her childhood and teenage photos and not been able to find even half a dozen where she smiles…

Was it some unwritten photography rules of the era or just her life as it was then? Nothing worth smiling into the camera for? …

Ah indeed a picture they say conveys a thousand words… I stumbled on this one today and it dates 8 June 1990… O had just turned 11 years that January… That picture was my school portrait…  It is when I wrote the common entrance examination into secondary school…no comment about what was happening at home back then – inside me …

I marvel at the laxitude with which I smile today. Could smiles really have been so hard to come by then?

To all those therefore not able to smile today, know it will and can come to pass…

I am very grateful I can smile now so much and feel it and love it and love me so…

The above was taken yesterday on my way out to the Startup Grind Douala launch… I had fun, networked and all… Smiling when coming from within is the best thing can happen I hold…

Happy Sunday to all


11 thoughts on “When a smile was so hard to come by…”

    1. Thanks Pammy, yes it makes such a beautiful difference. Yes it has taken me years and so so much to let the smile smile if I can say that. I really hope yo inspire and motivate someone by sharing… Love you loads dearest Pammy

  1. …and a beautiful SMILLE at that!…

    So many in this world exist without a NATURAL smile. How society continues to fail to recognize its responsibilities to teach our people how to discover this simple facial expression (with so much meaning behind it) is a question I ponder often.

    1. Right doc, I marvel at my then and now pictures. Sometimes am told, shh you musn’t talk; just your smile will do! and am ‘thank you lord’. I wish many hopping by here are inspired to let their real selves smile because the contrary gives victory to one’s torturers whoever that is

    1. Hi Joan, thank you so much. I accept the nominations and will love and hope to get to accept them officially with a blog post. I already received the mystery blogger award but not the recognition award unless my memory fails me lol

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