The Ultimate Appreciation Award

The Ultimate Appreciation Award

Hello world, last week and indeed since I started blogging in November 2013, I have received so many awards, and always wondered if and when I could give out an award too. I have therefore, em unanimously, decided to give out my own created award: The Ultimate Appreciation Award to the following bloggers in appreciation of their support to my modest person both directly and indirectly during my blogging journey. Now, because I know many of their blogs are “Award Free Zones”, my award is a “Rules’ Free Award”. Your acceptance of this award via a comment in the comments section will suffice. However, if anyone of you wants to do an acceptance post and pass this on even to myself lol, feel free to do so and while at it, here are 3 questions I’ll will be honoured if you answer same:

  1. Share 1 or 2 or 3 childhood memories with us;

  2. Share 1 or 2 turning points in your life;

  3. Share some words of wisdom or otherwise about blogging as you have experienced it,

My Nominees and my why…

  1. June Whittle over at Miraculous Ladies, Divine Copywriter and Co. Junie as I fondly call her is my Jamaican Heroine in London. Indeed, she is now one of my sisters from a different mother. I have blogged about her and my visit to her serene space and yummy Goat stew and peas and all, and while you are here, check out her poetry book so soulful and her BBC Interview

  2. Dyane Leshin-Harwood over at Proudly Bi-Polar. Dyane or Lady Di as I call her, is also my captain over at Lose It. She and I have a special bond and baddass – she knows what am talking about and she is another of my heroines. Her voice was soothing and I am praying I get to visit the US and her own coast so as to ‘Redwoods bathe’ with her and in the meantime I anxiously wait for the official release of her epic memoir

  3. Pamela Spiro-Wagner over at Wagblog Dum Spiro Spero!!! I simply don’t know what to write and what to leave out about Pammy as I fondly call her. She is more than a mum to me, a soul sister and much more – she inspires me to the moon and back, read the post I did about her here and seriously visit her blog if you want to know first hand what or how someone can live with a diagnosis of schizophrenia (go through all she’s been through) for over 4 decades, and still be the author, poet, artist and all she is…

  4. Kitt O’Malley over at Kitt O’Malley. Kitt is a a strong woman in every respect. To be going what she is going through (with herself, her son’s own issues and her parents) and still holding it, while finding time every now and then to share with others either via her blog, or on ours through her likes and comments, or as a volunteer and etc, is simply put amazing. I sincerely appreciate her comments on the Gbm Blog where I hardly get any…

  5. Doctor Jonathan over at All about Healthy Choices. Since I found his blog, I appreciate life and the choices I make more. So much information, such a selfless man, and he gives advice freely if only you’d ask as simple as that. I am so grateful for the few emails we’ve had, his concern about anything health and above all his hosting me once as a guest on his awesome blog…

  6. Buffalo Tom Peabody&Team over at buffalotompeabody’s blog. His or rather their blog is the spot to unwind after a hectic day. You read maybe about the next century or decade or the reverse; the current global or rather US instigated, enhanced or quelled rigmarole and much more – em without threat of fire or fury. I sincerely wish I had more time to read this blog as often as I’d love to. However, whenever I hop by I leave with a replenished Laugh Gauge…

  7. Yvette R. Toko is my last but the not the least blogger I appreciate all the way home to Cameroon hurray. Her blog which let me to another kindred spirit is so glamorously titled – guess – bam bam bam: For the Love of Cameroon. She is a dynamic, passionate, God Fearing, oh I wish I could write down all those adjectives and more; kindly check out her book for the love of Cameroon on the Amazon

    Dear all, wishing you a happy Sunday and thanking you for your prayers and kind thought following my request of yesterday. It is improving.


22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Appreciation Award”

    1. Dear Minshe, thanks for your kind words. I hope you accept the nomination and do a post about it I’ll so love to read a little more from you especially regarding those 3 little questions of mine. I released all my anxiety and worry over that famili issue two days ago and I know God is in control

      1. Dear Mimshe,

        You published it on another blog? I went to the one I know: It is not there, where do I look?


        Marie A. Abanga Barrister and Solicitor Founder & SMP Abanga & Partners Business Legal Firm Co-Founder and CEO Inspiring Positive Actions Now Ltd Author and Consultant +237698914754/+237654140754 :

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        On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 8:08 PM, Marie Abanga's Blog wrote:


    1. Oh my, they did send you to bed again without super? I’ll unleash fire and fury the next time this happens: Show them my comment because It will be blazing, very blazing, plenty of blazing heat lol

      1. buddy, on a even more serious note is disgusting the most apt word? it’s a real from Grace to Grass or even mud out there and like back to the 40s in the kkk ignorant era

  1. I’m so glad to hear that things are improving!!!! Thank you for the nomination and the beautiful things you wrote, Lovely Marie! I love that you created your own reward!!!!! You’re amazing and you reward our planet with your inspiring self every day. Sending you love, true understanding, and a big (((hug)))!

    1. Thanks so much lady for accepting the award, for the big and warm virtual hug and for loving and trusting me so. Indeed there is much improvement today. Wishing you all the best too

  2. I am humbled by your nomination for an award and your kind words. So many wonderful blog sites with information capable of truly transforming lives. I am honored to receive this award as well as the friendship we’ve established.

    1. Aww Doc, thanks for accepting my modest award. I am the one humbled or let’s say it is mutual. I am so honoured to know so many warm and candidly caring people in this world and on the blogosphere it is amazing. All the best to you

  3. Dear Marie,

    you are so sweet to do this, despite the crisis of yesterday and continuing..I will do my best to post something but it may take some time as I have to do a presentation and get it ready for Thursday in Boston…THAnk you so very much for thinking of me as one of your favored bloggers! Love you,


    1. Pammy sweet Pammy, do what you got to do and post whenever you can. I had released my anxiety and worry over the crisis two days ago and felt inspired to move on in appreciation especially to my e-family.

  4. Marie my dear, thank you so much for this lovely award. I’m honored to receive it. You’re a wonderful friend and I thank God for connecting us. Here is my contribution to your request:

    1. I was raised in the country in Jamaica and loved playing out in the big open spaces. I enjoyed picking freshly ripened mangoes off the trees with my sisters. And was afraid of my grandma’s whipping when I didn’t want to go to school.

    2. A massive turning point in my life was when my dad died of cancer in 2000. It was the same year I lost my ex husband and first grandchild. But I became a Christian that year and found peace among the sorrow and heartaches.

    3. Blogging has been a tremendous part of my life and I’m grateful for the wonderful people I met along the way. I’m also happy to know that some women have found my articles helpful. Blogging is good for inspiring others and sharing knowledge/good advice. To me, blogging is about reaching out and impacting the lives of your readers, even if it’s in a small way.

    Have a blessed week, Marie. xx

    1. Junie oh thank you so much for accepting the award and finding some time to make these contributions. I love all of them and I love your blog and site too. I wish you to find time to post more often for us o

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