Badge of Dishonour

What a badge you got

Such a dishonourable badge

You want me to clap for you?

To give you flowers?

How dare you wear that badge?

As dishonorable as the others

We see them write everywhere

Tell their sad tales even when not invited

Display those dishourable badges

Like all that noise could make them honourable

Even their family shun them

Friends and foes alike mock them

Doctors are fed up with them

Some have several badges

None any better honourable

And yet, could it be …

That our perception itself…

Is actually that dishonourable…

A badge is a badge I advocate

Take the bearer as brave

To get any badge takes boldness

And bravery in the battlefield of life

P.s: peom inspired by my friend Dyane’s diagnosis of #postpartum bibolar snubbed by Bipolar UK and my continuous reading of High Tide Low Tide…


8 thoughts on “Badge of Dishonour”

  1. These final lines especially resonate with me :

    Take the bearer as brave
    To get any badge takes boldness
    And bravery in the battlefield of life

    Yes indeed! To bear the badges, the labels, most often indicates a life lived with such hurt, hardship and pain many of us “others” can scarcely comprehend.

    1. Thanks for the comment Martin, and yes some ‘others’ can’t dare wear their badges nor even go get one. My poem ain’t only to concern mental health sufferers, even those with of the stigmatized diseases like Aids, epilepsy, cancer (out here in Africa still only hushed around) and etc.

  2. I’m SOOOOOO amazed at your talent + honored that you wrote about something important to me – I retweeted it, of course.

    At some point next year I may ask Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, an esteemed “patron” of Bipolar UK who has endorsed the cover of my book, to help me in terms of getting the staff to reconsider their narrow-minded point of view!

    If the brilliant minds belonging to Dr. Jamison, the U.K.’s Dr. Carol Henshaw, the U.K.’s Dr. Linda Gask, Dr. Verinder Sharma, the U.K.’s Professor Ian Jones, Dr. Nancy Byatt, & Dr. Meltzer-Brody (all of them endorsed my book) and many other psychiatrists, psychologists & other types of experts believe that postpartum bipolar exists, why doesn’t Bipolar UK’s staff? As far as I know, none of the staff are perinatal psychiatrists or any other kind of doctor, either!

    1. Lady, am SOOOOOOOOOO flaterred by the first paragraph of your comment. With regards to your second and third paragraphs, I not only agree and cheer you on, but I think we could even organize a tweetathon to shake BP UK up. It is really to me nothing short of rigmarole ironical sarcasm that one of their esteem patrons and not just any voice you know, but a very vocal and brilliant one, endorses your book and diagnosis and they’d rather be royally conservative British. True to your name, be the Lady D of a thorn in their flesh. You neither need a title or tiara…may they not forget even 20 years latter…

      1. You are not only hilarious, but brilliant! I *will* follow up with about this! Plus I intend to write you back on LinkedIn! I haven’t forgotten!

      2. And I’ll be cheering all the way like pretty woman you know right? Ah the LinkedIn thing was just a surprise now so don’t pick that up and add to your ‘to do list’ my fair lady lol

      3. You are the sweetest, most thoughtful friend. I treasure our connections: email, LoseIt! (I replied today – did you see that?) and blogging, so no worries! Sending you love every day, my kindred spirit!

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