Must You Talk About IT?

Hey, must you talk about it

She asked staring appalled

What’s wrong with talking

I answered innocently

I mean about It she lashed

About what ain’t got a name

Well you know what you so talk about

I so talk about pretty much I counter

Well, you focus it seems

On the weary and scary 

The shaggae and reggae

And if I don’t I query

Would that make it any better

We all have our own moments

I talk so people know

There ain’t any shame in talking

And so am sorry

If you feel embarrassed at my talking

And now to give a definite answer

Yes, I must talk about It

They too deserve a to be heard

Am of both worlds…

P.s: These poems will be part of my “Serene Soul” collection, inspired by the healing, closure and acceptance am finding while studying the book High Tide Low Tide… By  an awesome twosome Martin Baker and Fran Houston… Can’t thank them enough


7 thoughts on “Must You Talk About IT?”

    1. Channelling my little hypomanic energy a positive way lol…you know you are a not just a friend but a special friend of mine right? You are mentioned in 4 out of my 5 books…just one of those reasons…

  1. Marie, both Fran and I rejoice at your creative and healing response to our book. As I wrote in my blog for this week, we so value when people share with us, privately or openly, what they have found in our words, be that easy or hard. It helps us grow as writers and as people too. Thank you, Marie, so glad we met!

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