You are best when you are You…dare to find You

You are best when you are you

Hello world, a brief post today to inspire and motivate us all.

I am reading a book which has stabbed my soul, searched my soul, and now my soul is serene all from one book. I don’t know how I can do a single review of the book, but I know I will get there.

Here below is quote therein from Fran Houston the co-author living with Bi-Polar and some other ‘badges’ I can’t envy tbt:

Just being willing to go into yourself is brave. Actually making the steps is a hero’s journey”

And trust me world because I have been brave in undertaking that journey – actually just starting to see the immense and serene light at the end of the tunnel, it is a journey worth it’s weight in Gold.

Remember, the ultimate goal is not even being perfect for people who need you, but being the best for you – And when you are you, then you are the best – let the darkness of the tunnel and its environ not scare or distract you too long. Namatse

Happy long weekend to us all


10 thoughts on “You are best when you are You…dare to find You”

    1. Thanks Doc, I feel good being here and doing this…so good I can face all ups and down and hold on to the hope of where I am coming again if I make the right choices all over again…

  1. Well said Marie, it is a great achievement to be able to find oneself and what else can it be worth living for if not being oneself. But again I totally agree willing to go into oneself is brave, hence making the steps is a hero’s journey especially in this current times!

  2. This was a beautiful reminder to be ourselves no matter what label society tries to put on us or the box some try to put us in. We are so wonderful that we continue to develop and add new layers to our complexity in our human experience. Reading your post brought me back to Joseph Campell’s Hero’s Journey. There is a whole series of his work on YouTube if you haven’t already watched them. And great books written by him as well as his foundation. Let me know what you think after you have a chance to check them out.

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