please don’t be jealous

Please don’t be jealous

Of my new found joy

Of my new found love

Of my new found peace

Do you wish I stayed?

Do you wish I braved?

Do you wish I dared?

Do you wish I died?

Please don’t be envious

That I got to let go

What you can’t let go

That I am now so merry

While it seems so weary

And they love me so

I pray you not be angry

That I can get angry

I learnt it from the book

After those years in the hood

Jealousy is a cancer

Eats up more and more

Feeds you so much loathing

Leaving bare space for breathing

Does you no good indeed

Regardless of any deeds

You may feel hurt you so

Really it makes no point

Even if you find a joint

Misery loves company

But I refuse to play fiddle

Therefore my fellow man

Please don’t be jealous of me

P.s: for closure. Even the fiercest of battles are closed with a pen. I also know that pens can deal blows no physical blows can deal, hence I will spare my energy and use but my pen…


5 thoughts on “please don’t be jealous”

  1. When we change, it can be hard for others to accept, I think. Even positive change can be perceived as a threat by others, because they are not in control of what we choose to do anymore.

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