Be Proud of your scars: Indeed I wear mine like a badge of honour

Hello world, following what happened on Friday, my sons dad said he is no more contributing to their education (that was all he was doing). I thought he was joking – like angry and jealous sort of. Yesterday David went there to collect their school bags and books, and was driven away like a pig. He came back home in tears. This was followed by a series of sms from his dad telling me all he could… I have done what I can so that David starts school today (He is starting secondary school – in the US that will be junior high), and will be in th same school as Alain. That is a walking distance from Home. Gaby will start tomorrow by Grace. I specialize since 2011 in making the best lemonade out lemon.

All I do is also with the aim of inspiring these young men

My life is a thrilling one indeed, and we find the FUN in the dysFUNction. I am so grateful for everything, I wouldn’t give their dad the pleasure of having me run after him nor drag him to court…no not yet…no not now…I made a strong statement that friday, stronger than court or social servce, that was his language and he got hit far harder than not irrespective of any saga which followed…

YES OH YES: Iam very proud of my scars, I wear them like a badge of honour…

Have a nice week all, dare to be proud of your scars and wear them like a badge of honour even if some think it is a badge of dishonour.


13 thoughts on “Be Proud of your scars: Indeed I wear mine like a badge of honour”

    1. Hi Princess, oh you are so welcome. Yes please do reblog with pleasure. I am so honoured and grateful to have this talent to write from my soul and reach out to others. And to think I had thought of giving up blogging? Thanks for your comment

  1. Focusing on the actions (or inactions) of others rarely creates personal long term benefits. Instead, it typically causes further emotional anger and self harm. Finding the “FUN” as you stated is a wise approach and a realistic one. Keep yourself and those wonderful children SMILING! Life has many more benefits if we CHOOSE to discover and pursue them.

  2. I find resonance and inspiration with your blog and have nominated you for the Myster Blogger award. The Rules are here:

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