Introducing Marie Abanga the Lawyer


She was called to the Cameroon Bar Association first as a pupil lawyer in 2008 and then sworn in as a Barrister and Sollicitor before the Supreme Court of Cameroon on the 11th of May 2011.

In the meantime, she has been through thick and thin, and although she is not making light of what Kay Redfield Jamison has been through, she herself has had an unqiet mind. Indeed, all her professional prowess didn’t stop her from getting so depressed in 2009 and picking up a knife to attempt suicide while five months pregnant.

Marie Abanga has developed and been guided by a 3D principle: Determination, Discipline and Dedication. A legal practice she at one point almost gave up on, is now being massively revived begining with the building of a website worth every weight in gold.

Please join me in applauding this brave woman, single mother of 3 boys, mulitple award blogger and soulful author, business consultant, personal and mental wellbeing coach of substance, lecturer, lawyer Co-Founder and CEO of Inspiring Positive Actions Now Ltdstaunch advocate for women’s empowerment and victims of domestic abuse, and a philantrophist par excellence: Some call her simply Phenomenal Marie and she is bent on letting her little light shine all the way


p.s: I hope my journey inspires someone out there. It is possible to be and do so much and yet to suffer such tough times and mental tribulations. Morever, being at this stage doesn’t mean tough times wouldn’t come again. It means to me that I have to believe in myself even more, be my own best friend and champion, self love, self care and many more selfies,  and trust myself to seek for help when I need it and above all just be me, saying it as it is. Marie Abanga the lawyer definitely makes Marie Abanga the personal and mental wellbeing coach proud. She is my first and best friend till death do us part and I love her to the moon and back. Thank you lawyer in me for persevering even when I didn’t think it was worth it anymore


14 thoughts on “Introducing Marie Abanga the Lawyer”

  1. So often people believe that those pursuing professional positions in society will naturally achieve great happiness in life. They associate these positions with wealth, high esteem and success. True wealth and success can only be achieved from within oneself. As people learn this truth and pursue life in a manner that supports the inner self’s well being, true wealth and success becomes attainable.

    1. Oh doc, your comments are always so profound regardless of length lol. Indeed, I brag to whoever wants to hear that I am far happier and wealthier now than I was a decade or so ago. My happiness and wealth can be seen by my yard, car or even bank account but it can be felt by my attitude and words above all.

  2. I applaud you, I adore you, I look up to you, yet I don’t feel, ever, like you look down at me.

    You love me for who I am. Few people are like that. I don’t think I realize quite how lucky I am to have you as my friend, but it’s starting to sink into my head!

    My eldest daughter wants to be a lawyer and I can’t think of a better role model than you. I just wish we lived closer!

    1. Thank you so much lady. I grew up loving my family and friends unconditionally and I have stuck to that. When I get hurt by the love I give or receive, I coil or recoil lol. I am so proud of your eldest daughter’s vision. With technology, I could be as near as you want me to be. You know several ways to reach me, am here always for you

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