The Best you can: Definitely one of my Best


The best You Can

Be the best you can be

Say the best you can say

Do the best you can do 

Feel the best you can feel

Love the best you can love


Oh Cry the best you can cry

Feel the hurt as it hurts

Then Heal the best you can heal

Share the best you can share


Then Claim the best you can claim

and Live the best you can live


Cause you got only once


Oh yes YOU DO

and That’s my wish — for ME & MINE

© Marie Abanga Sept 2017

Enjoy an upcoming artist and be inspired to be the best you can this weekend and always, Amen


17 thoughts on “The Best you can: Definitely one of my Best”

      1. You know in that poem am in the stanzas after heal the most… Once you get thru that you ride high and even if sometimes melancholy visits thereafter, you have a formula. I also know how difficult the ones above are to embrace lol

    1. Hi Vishal, thanks for your comment. They empower me too big time. I sing them to myself whenever, wherever and I have posted them and others all over our home. I hope to go into a studio to work on that recording and video lol

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