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Can’t be for Me

Shouldn’t be for Me

Couldn’t be for Me

Wasn’t I said for Me


Hush I deny

Hush I reject

Hush they lie

Hush it’s hushed


Such a name?

No can’t be mine

How do I face that?

What do I do now?

Who do I do look to?


Like it helps

And all the hurt?

And all the pills?

And all the shame?

And all the stigma?


No am sorry

I can’t face that

I can’t take that

I can’t do that

I wouldn’t do that


P.s: Bear with me tribe, am going through a mild emotional/mental challenge. I was hoping to post something else I was proud of sharing, but I first have to get these ’emotions’ off my chest: glad they come off in through this poem.

I do feel ok now and will be sharing that link tomorrow as is…

To all who can relate, we are together