My Book reviewed: What is the Worst Case Scenario…

What is the worst case scenario

If there is one thing I know,that is very difficult to tell some other person,talkless of “truth”.

I must congratulate the author for this heart pouring exercise she has embarked on. Telling the world your story and giving a damn about “what people will say” about her personality, her work(s), is aplaudable.

The book and other works of hers, acts as an eye opener to me and I quess to a lot more people in the world;

  1. The way I look at and how to help a sufferer;

  2. How I can join the author and many others in the world to advocate for mentally sick persons;

  3. How I can contribute to campaign against stigmatization.

Barrister Marie A. Abanga,is giving a positive light to all who let FEAR conquer them. She is encouraging us all that our fears are just False Emotions Appearing Real and as such, we should not Fold Everything and Run. Rather, we should Face Everything and Rise.

Indeed, ”Abanga Marie was here; she lived; she loved; she was here” and the world will remember her for such unconditional love and efforts shown to humanity.

The question to me and to you out here is

*what have you offer?


Ndzo Ethel Fonjie

P.S: Today has been a tough day because I am sad at the current bloodshed in my country and somehow couldn’t focus enough to get through my todolist for the day. I spent time reading and listening to helpful podcasts and tried to do a little you know. This book review just came in to make my day. I am very grateful to Ethel and all who have read my books and gotten back to me through any medium


2 thoughts on “My Book reviewed: What is the Worst Case Scenario…”

  1. This is just one of many individuals proving the enormous impact you will POSITIVELY have on lives. I know it will provide quality feedback to you, but you must still find your own missing pieces that will complete your own life. You have a good kind heart working diligently to help others; you are entitled to the same kindness to heal your own personal wounds. Find peace in the past and the different choices needed to move forward. It is from this position of rebirth that joy is experienced and new opportunities revealed.

    1. Thank you Doc, you know I write it as it is! I HAVE ! I mean literally with the poem I give myself permission I was letting go of all left over debris and and just loving ME and okay with ME as a work in progress doing her best. I remember one of my first comments on a post of yours where I was even in my heart lashing out at you for ‘putting so much truth’ out there I was still longing to see/not see… I wrote that 5 years ago I would have commented that’get lost’. Today I tell you I am forever grateful and I mean it and I am the epitome of the Serenity I was always seeking. My poetry and writing journey has by Grace just flowed out so. Thanks so much once more

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