How early is it to start having family meetings with your kids?

So this came to my mind because am musing about the absence of dialogue and understanding in my country and many other countries in the world. I may be simplifying stuffs but if we start teaching our children to sit together and dialogue instead of just dishing out orders and making decisions because we are the parents, if we let them know their opinions and voices matter, then I think they grow up learning to treat others same and to disagree and agree civily.

Anyway, as a parenting tool, this works for me so perfect. We have such meetings since moving into our home in February 2016, and the last one was on Sunday October 1st, because we have ordinary meetings every first sunday of the month.

We had an extraordinary one two weeks ago because following their negligence Alain’s pigy bank was stolen by a neigbour whom they let enter their room in my absence. We all agreed to contribute and reimburse same and the pinch has been felt by all. The decsions we take during these meetings we hold ourselves accountable to, and this helps me more than deciding alone and screaming at them would ever do.

It is also a big bonding time and sometimes I buy popcorn so they enjoy the whole process. On lucky days, Ella sits in for the first 5 or so minutes. David often takes the minutes because he has such a smooth handwriting, Alain is the discipline master and I am the CEO of course hahaha. Sometimes it get thick and I have one on one meetings too lol.

Last Sunday, an obvious item on our Agenda was Alain’s forthcoming birthday as you can see below. We all agreed to treat ourselves to Chinese and although am the biggest donor to the fund, all three chipped in 1000 frs.

Ignore my scrawny handwriting, David was tired yesterday and charged an arm and a leg lol

When they were toddlers and I’ll ask their opinion, my ex will chastise saying they have nothing to say. How sad right? Gabi has made some great suggestions like concerning fone credit and school transportation and he actually loves the meetings more than his brothers of course. All issues are raised, and then solved in harmony. How cool is this? I’ll rather spend time with them like this once or twice a month than regret not relating with them years later.

Be inspired someone in here, maybe too late for our current presidents but not for parents especially starting out the parenting journey.

Any other tips anyone?

P.s: I wrote and scheduled this post before reading about the Las Vegas Shootings. Senseless, Speechless, Sad. My prayers especially for grieving families.


7 thoughts on “How early is it to start having family meetings with your kids?”

  1. This is great communication and great tools to keep everything open and set expectations. I have four, different ages so for me, diplomacy works but I’d be lost without a chalkboard with daily assignments. It is a revolving list where responsibilities change from day to day but are static for the month for each child. Money is earned based on creative solutions to standard chores and spending can only be done based on percentage of earnings. I don’t let them spend all they earn. Hope it all sticks. For now, I’m pretty sure if I fell off the face of the earth they’d all do fine 🙂

    1. Hmm love, thanks for sharing. They are different ages too and I guess soon I’ll get more diplomatic. We do have papers all over and cash is earned for chores and piggy banks are kept by me hahaha

      1. In the end, I just hope they stand on their own two feet and feel confident doing it. Sometimes I withdraw funds from the piggy banks and tell them I’m Uncle Sam and it’s for ‘improvements’. It’s partially true. 🙂

  2. Dialogue is the KEY to success. Teaching it to children makes it easier for them to utilize as adults. When children are part of the “decision making” process, it is easier to get them to comply with the “terms.” This, in no way removes the authoritarian role of the parent. It expands it by them responsible for teaching children how to LISTEN and CONTRIBUTE their thoughts to the various topics. This knowledge is important in child development.

    1. I so love your poignant comments. Either way they make one think twice. I explain my decisions to them and if ever their input never mattered I explain why. I get so much serenity doing it that way. Thanks for the thumbs up doc

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