Alain turns a whooping 14…Hurray

22.10.2016 Alain himself
He did that himself last November and he calls himself…

It’s been much more joy than anything else for real

Alain has always done so so well in school regardless of the school he went to; or the circumstances WE were going through like when I upped and disappeared in May 2011.

A one month ‘visit’ (not planned as such) in July /August 2011 a few months after I left them behind

I am so grateful for him. He loves sciences that I see, but he writes poetry, draws some and enjoys football. I could never thank my God our God enough for Alain. He is for all time the epitome of my sorrow and joy and has a very special place in my life and heart of course…He is my Hero…Thank you so much Alain from my every pore, you know how much I love YOU!!!

Sharing some ice cream love over at one they call Ice cream Grandma’s in the cool city of Buea, Cameroon
Sometimes in July on our way for a diiner date just us, brothers were at their dad’s


That was on friday on our way to a dinner invitation


We are out today having a blast at a Chinese all you, can and then some ice cream hurray.

When I reread this post and what I wrote last year for his birthday, I’ll say although I stumbled into motherhood, am so proud and grateful for the journey.

Dear all, kindly join me in wishing Alain a belated birthday, he’ll sure see all your likes and read/reply to your comments.


7 thoughts on “Alain turns a whooping 14…Hurray”

  1. Happy belated birthday Alain.

    Sorry I’m so late. I hope you had a fantastic day eating Chinese and celebrating with your mum and brothers. I pray you will have a year of fun, happiness, new adventures, exciting times and blessings plus good health to enjoy everything. I also hope you will continue to use your knowledge to excel at school and be the best in your class. Happy birthday. 🙂

    1. Dear aunty June, I ready for school and about to study some and mom just showed me your nice comment thank you very much, it was very nice at the Chinese restaurant yesterday and it was our first time too, have a nice day

  2. Happy extra-belated birthday Alain!!!

    14 is a wonderful age!
    You are a very handsome young man. (Those are some adorable baby photos of you.)

    I wish you a year filled with joy, fun, and learning!

    Please give my best to your Mom, brothers, and the adorable ELLA!!!!

    All my best to you!

    1. Hahaha aunty Dyane, thank you. Can you remember when you were 14? That is funny. Thank you and yes I am happy especially learning so many things and making many connections online and through mom. I will greet everybody here, greet everybody there too. Am off to school shortly. Have a nice day, Alain

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