My personal essay of mental health at the workplace

This year, World Mental Health Day was celebrated on tuesday October 10th under the theme Mental Health at the Workplace.

Over at the Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing, we raised awareness both online and through traditional media. In my capacity as Country Director, I shared my personal essay of mental health as related to me then while I was working in a multinational telecommunications company. You can read that post right here.


If I were to answer the above question today, I’ll say for me such a workplace is one where everybody feels safe addressing their mental health challenges. And you gentle readers and followers, what would be a mentally healthy workplace for you?


4 thoughts on “My personal essay of mental health at the workplace”

  1. It would be a work environment that provided resources addressing challenging personal issues. This might include counseling, healthy activities to channel harmful emotions, and support group meetings at the workplace before and/or after work.

    1. Doctor, I am with your permission going put your comment on our website. I got so much feedback following my radio interview on that day and some companies seem not to know what it means or what they can/should do. Thank you always

      1. It would be my honor to be part of your mission to understand the needs of those with mental health imbalances and to find real solutions to offer them the quality of life ALL PEOPLE deserve.

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