Please could you just…

Please could you just listen

Listen to my tale

Tale so fade

Could very well be stale

Nothing you can do

But still

Please just listen


Please could you just read

Read what I write

Written with rollers

Rolling every other direction

Some could be rash

Trash or bash

Nothing you may do

But still

Please just read


Please could you just say something

Anything but silence

Silence drives me crazy

Crazier than I might already seem

Never mind the impact now

Just tell me how u feel

How it is, how it was

Nothing it may create

But still

Please just speak


(C) 2017 Marie Abanga

P.s: How many times have we overlooked such basic and life saving ways of helping someone even ourselves?


3 thoughts on “Please could you just…”

  1. This reminds me of the conversation I had with my cab driver today who is from Ethiopia. He said “We could solve so many problems if people would talk and listen. Take turns talking and listening.” I learned a lot when I go shopping from my friends who drive cabs.
    Thank you for your beautiful poem it is a perfect cap to my adventure today!👍👍

    1. I am glad my poem made u connect your experience with the cab driver. So much happening because people wouldn’t listen to each other, talk to each other or worse still, read thoroughly what others write. So many judgments based on how people look, who they are, where they come from etc? Sad right buddy?

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