She crawled under her bed

It made no more sense

Such sham & shame

The Weight

Mind & Mass

Needless living on

Who cares what goes on

Sensless, pointless, needless

It is truly



she publishes a 4th memoir

Kinda movie

The 360°



Tough Choices & Sacrifices

Faith, Hope, Love

It is truly


(C) 2017 Marie Abanga

The end

Hopeful and Hopeless directions.  Opposite traffic sign.

P.s: Officially and in my inspired way, fully embracing my story and engraving it in my heart and on all walls of my home. I actually did crawl and stay for a while under my hospital bed the morning my daughter died, I prayed the ground open up for me. I spiralled for 6 months and survived another 6. Then although pregnant once again, it felt not worth living. I picked up a knife and then I got a kick from within and I dropped it hot. The transformation started dripping in from that moment… Be inspired…


8 thoughts on “Hopeless…Hopeful”

  1. This post got the hair at the base of my neck to stand straight up. These truths are not witnessed by the average person. Comprehension is limited even if compassion is provided. The images created are dampened by the FEAR this reality conveys. Society needs to better understand its shortfall and responsibility in addressing life’s imbalances. Instead, we choose to believe situations like yours are random and will somehow reach effective conclusions on their own!

    1. “Instead, we choose to believe situations like yours are random and will somehow reach effective conclusions on their own!” Thanks so much doctor for your comment especially this last line because it is the reason why I share all about my situation – past and present. I want ‘society’ to know such things happen even to ‘seemingly normal’ people like me and that there is a way out no matter how tough or dreary. If only we could care a little bit more and shun stigma much more

  2. You certainly have had you own good share of tough times which, by sharing, you are brilliantly transforming or have transformed into stepping stones to better lives for many. Yours is a great mind, meant to touch many lives.

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