24 hrs chrono for Dyane Harwood ahead of her first book talk

Good morning world;

When my special and very brave friend Dyane Harwood asked me if I could keep a flame shinning for her on Thursday as she did her first book talk, of course I quickly bought a big green candle.                      
 Lady dearest, may this flame warm your soul all through this day and especially as you talk.                                                             It is the first, but many are sure to be lined up.  Remember you are a pacesetter for #postpartum Bipolar Disorder.           Whoop whoop whoop!!!  


2 thoughts on “24 hrs chrono for Dyane Harwood ahead of her first book talk”

  1. This is so beautiful and meaningful to me! Wow. I’m just stunned and so happy to see this, Marie! Thank you so very much for going to the trouble of getting the candle (and for knowing exactly what kind to get for me even though I didn’t tell you!) I’ll try to get someone to record the talk so you can see what I’m up to! 😉 I wish you could be there with me!!!!!!!

    1. You are welcome lady, when I asked and you didn’t tell me I just asked that unknown Angel lol. I will be there in spirit, visualize me sitting next to Craig and the girls and sometimes charting with Martha. Whoop whoop whoop

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