In Memoriam: Dreaded Death Dare I Muse

Dreaded death dare I muse

Why you don’t come when we wish?

Or maybe you guess right, even when we do we really mean not

He was some years back very sick

Three heart valves changed at once

We vigiled and wailed and even wished

But not you to respect any one

So now I muse 

What do you order us do

To be better prepared or armed?

Maybe we can ignore you altogether

And live and love to our best?

Say it and send it and savour now and not tomorrow

Cause if you come today, then we regret not

You really seem invincible inevitable and dare I say inviolable?

Gosh: you have stung so close again once more

His daughter & lone seed is just a year

I wouldn’t even dare call his young wife

At least we are still many around

The best to heal is all we can do it seems

Adieu Armstrong: I wish I wish I wish…

I muse no more…keep your dread I beg


P.s: lost a cousin so close we grew up same house and my boys called him uncle, cherishing care free holidays at his home…


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