The Race 2 the Grave

It muses my mind

Mankind is on a race

One so fierce

The fool seems the whistleblower

No sight of the finish line I see

But then again there are seas

Which may make the track

As hard to trace

But the race picks up

Ever so fierce

Don’t ask me I beg

Am only a writer

Our leaders may know more

Wants and needs ever rising

Fears and foes ever adding

A strange race it seems

Cause near the finsh line

Some wish they hadn’t run at all


3 thoughts on “The Race 2 the Grave”

  1. We have no choice in the finish line for it is reached successfully by all. The course we take, however, is of greater importance than the knowledge the end will come. Creating this path through trial and error shows the many turns and curves we shall face. Those willing to navigate these challenges will likely meet the finish line with grace and a SMILE.

    1. Hi Doc, what an interesting perpective. I was just thinking that I wouldn’t even want to run any race tbt. I prefer walikng even if brsikly lol, savouring the moment, paying attention to all I come across, make and leave notes for who knows, notice fellow sojourners and why not share a moment or two laughing or crying or just journeying on. What you think of my idea?

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