Who has that power???

Who has that power???

To turn you into a robot

To determine how you feel

Love; fear; happy; sad

Whose responsibility is it???

How you see things

The voices you hear

The reactions to it all

The choices to make

What happens next???

When you say aha

Because you dug and found

Who has that power

Is it YOU or THEM???

p.s: Motivated and inspired by something I read from a book this morning titled: Love is letting go of fear. Made me remember the above song I loved and jumped to in the 1990s


3 thoughts on “Who has that power???”

  1. It is ALWAYS the individual; there are impediments, (physical, psychological, emotional, etc…) however, that sometimes FIRST must be identified and re-balanced before CONTROL can be restored.

    1. Doc thanks as usual for your comment. I will there suggest that the you has the power to seek to understand any impediment, play any role you can in ‘balancing ‘ and a big power in the ‘onward’ journey. This was the ‘tongue in check’ behind this poem. I write them for myself above all to inspire and motivate me on my own journey because a decade ago I had all but ‘lost’ that power!!!

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