I am done with all this rubbish

I am done with all this rubbish

So much rubbish to make me mad

Life seems so shallow

Screaming is all hollow

No one seems to care

Or is it we dare less?

The bills keep pilling

All keeps uphill

More dose & overdose

They exit this rubbish life

None seems to have any time

Even a dime is hard to get

Who is to blame?

Parents name governments

Governments name establishments

Children blame parents

It’s all so fake

Smells like stale cake

The circle and circus share same house

The mouse is just as mad

Get your ass off my couch

Pull it all together man

If you need another pill

Insurance will cover the bill

Yikes and yish am really tired

What kind of world is this?

We wait for graves to know

That needless was the race

In the now we fight

Showing off our might

What has love got to do?

No cares, maybe some do

We ain’t crazy its dem

Did I show u any diagnosis?

Rubbish rubbish rubbish
P.s: Stuck in traffic, taking out my anxiety and mild frustration at the traffic and more via these lines


7 thoughts on “I am done with all this rubbish”

  1. AMEN!!!! I am done with this rubbish too, but I can’t express it as eloquently or powerfully or creatively as you! 😉 XOXOXO

    This is a far better way to take out your frustration than throwing around curse words. I am impressed!!!! Not depressed, LOL!!!!!! Thank God.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I love it. Great way to release harmful energy in a positive manner. We’re all exposed to these toxic emotions, yet most people bottle them inside and let them fester…..and people wonder how and why they become ill!
    Great share!!

    1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement doc. Sometimes I churn out those posts bo daily especially when the mindmill takes off, so some can definitely be missed. Am so glad I started blogging and writing poems…ha what a saving grace…always glad to release, share and hopefully help even just one

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