Please any tips with preparing for an event last minute…

Hello world,

I just deal with anxiety by writing about it or talking to someone; but we all know how difficult it is to find someone who understands in today’s world (I mean like face to face right) to talk to or talk with…so here I am on the blogosphere – free man’s land for real…

Yesterday, actually since saturday, freaking anxiety has been dripping into my head again. Now there is a GBM Foundation event tomorrow and there is so much last minute preparation. I am no last minute person, I love getting prepared days and weeks ahead and so today like this my head is swelling and what I had also planned to do for my own work and self is obviously going to go and maybe shoved to next week – zut

So please world share some love and leave me tips because my rescue plan ain’t working 80% even

Thank you


5 thoughts on “Please any tips with preparing for an event last minute…”

  1. Oh my goodness, girll. Find someone, anyone, who could help you with one or two things. And BREATHE!!!!!!!!! Mindfully & all that!
    Give yourself PERMISSION to not do everything you’re used to doing when you have more prep time. Give yourself PERMISSION to be imperfect.

    I just lit a candle for you and I’ll light another one tomorrow! You can and will do well because you’re filled with greatness!
    lady dy and madame lucy

    1. Thank you Lady;,before even reading your comment, I had stepped outside the office and taken a breathe and viewed myself as my CBT client, I told myself same thing, chatted with my sister who advised same and then I started ticking un-priority from the ‘long’ to do list. Am actually leaving the office now at 4,30pm (cool) and I just learnt one potential volunteer can’t come, OK? Next some stuffs were still lying around and that’s another ok? Am stopping for an happy hour at a pub to read my poems for the competition lol

  2. I am a planner myself. When overwhelmed, I simply search for one meaningful “thing” to achieve even if everything else doesn’t work out. If I can accomplish the “thing” I am satisfied with the outcome. There will likely be other days to accomplish the rest of the “list.”

    1. Thanks for your tip doc. Tbt I didn’t really have time to plan and the event is tomorrow morning. So I have done my best these past 3 days and released whatever not done to the universe. Am at my happy hour now with a new book called love life walk by Steve Fulgate -listened to an interview of his while I worked

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