America’s Ghosts seem to be closing in on the living…

I am just reading about the shootings in the Texas Church on my way to work, and I just want to write this brief post.

  1. I know as in past cases that this incident will be viewed by many differently and am no different;
  2. My views don’t matter but am truly sorry and sadened by the amount of hate and hurt out there;
  3. America like every other country has its ghosts…maybe it is time to acknowledge their helplessness and do some mass healing?
  4. Thinking of America now is scary, even it my country ain’t on the list of forbidden countries, am not going anywhere near that country again. I pray sincerely for all I know and love out there.

7 thoughts on “America’s Ghosts seem to be closing in on the living…”

  1. Hello, Marie. On the night of our 2016 presidential election, you sent me a message, asking if I knew yet who was the winner. I had only just learned the shocking news from my husband, that the improbable winner was Donald Trump.

    In the year since that night, my country has gone insane.

    There are many more random acts of violent evil going on in the USA than you know, because there are too many “small” events happening for the national news to tell it all. For example, I am sure you did not hear about a shooting that happened in a library on August 29, just a few miles away from my home. A teenage boy walked into the lovely, peaceful little library and shot six people, before someone overpowered him. Two persons were killed and four were wounded, one seriously enough to be taken by helicopter to a trauma hospital.

    Yesterday, when my husband, my stepdaughter, and I came out of our church, we saw four police and sheriff cars in the street directly in front of the church. We did not know, yet, about the terrible shooting that had happened in Texas, the state closest to us. We still do not know why a young man was being arrested in the street right outside our church door. But after I heard about what happened in Texas, I wondered if the person who was arrested may have threatened to do the same thing to our church?

    I understand why you do not wish to come to the USA again. I wish we could go to your country.

    1. Dear Linda, seriously I care for my friends and family in that country. I can imagine that there should be too many incidents to cover, I just read as in casual about an ex husband killing his ex wife, maiming her younger boyfriend and killing hiself… The gross ones make world news because I sincerely want to think the global community wonders how in the ‘super power’, things could go so wrong. Maybe going to church is an easy ‘route/prey’ for them?

  2. Although there is certainly great unrest in the country, we must also recognize that our media thrives on reporting violence. It increases viewership and ratings these networks live by.

    It is my opinion we must learn to live and focus our attention on human growth and development. We wake each day preparing to hear about the latest random act of violence. Instead, we may want to consider sidestepping this pattern, choosing instead to wake each day with good intentions to make this planet a better place to live. The good significantly outweighs the bad, yet the bad gets most of the attention.

    Living in fear isn’t a palatable option for me. I am not suggesting we blind ourselves to an unfortunate reality that exists today, but place it in a more realistic perspective showing the flaws in human society. We only see problems once their SYMPTOMS are experienced. Until this point, we deny or ignore the root causes resulting in these horrific outcomes. Until we challenge our individual ATTITUDES and become willing to CHANGE our thinking, we are likely to repeat the same mistakes over and over. This inflexibility and lack of willingness to see and hear the true problems facing our world is pandemic.

    Can you imagine how different our world would be if reaction to violence had some small component of compassion? If we concerned ourselves with what WE were doing wrong that resulted in human beings sacrificing the sanctity of life? Sometimes I wonder if an army of extreme altruists might not more effectively crush an army of deviants whose central theme is hatred. We must never forget that evil is only a sliver of society. We have ignored this sliver too long and now face the fear of its exposure.

    Differences in thinking and ideology have existed since the beginning of time. Learning to find common ground where ACCEPTANCE an TOLERANCE for cultural differences is determined more important than forced CONVERSION into a “melting pot” might be a reasonable starting point. This means ALL factions must have leadership willing to sit down and work out difficult issues until resolution is achieved.

    1. Doc, thanks so much for this hollistic comment. I think the ‘global community’ has sort of ‘looked up to and looked at the USA’ for hollistic leadership for so long it is hard to think the USA was infallible. Now the sensational media highlights otherwise and hardly ‘solutions or mass healing’… it hurts some you know…but I agree with you that individual responsibility preceedes – I pray all I know and theirs are safe and sound. Can’t imagine the psychological trauma on victims and their families including even several not so aparent

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