You Shouldn’t… if You Wouldn’t…

Dear A,

You shouldn’t be quick to speak, if you wouldn’t be smart to listen

You shouldn’t be fast to blame, if you wouldn’t be up to the game

You shouldn’t be dumb to condemn, if you wouldn’t be glad if condemned

You shouldn’t try to impress,  if you wouldn’t try when am depressed

You shouldn’t dare to preach, if you wouldn’t try to reach the real me

You shouldn’t fake you care if you wouldn’t dare an extra mile

You shouldn’t bluff you are clean, if you wouldn’t help the unclean

You shouldn’t brag about your sanity, if you wouldn’t learn about insanity

You shouldn’t boast of your country, if you wouldn’t acknowledge its history
P.s: formally putting closure on some troubling mind muggles recently


2 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t… if You Wouldn’t…”

  1. A person should think twice before opening their mouth if the only utterance is designed to cause havoc and pain. It is so much easier to be kind than cruel. Cruelty is often the result of self loathing. When we choose to improve self value the need to elicit pain in others subsides.

    1. Oh doc, I can tell you do think so much before leaving a comment on my blog and am truly grateful. You are so right and I see the long long way I have come myself in this regard lol

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