Death visits – again: But am celebrating her life

My late aunt O Rose, myself and her grandaughter

I have such fond memories and how she always gave me something to take back with me each time I visited the village. Indeed, the bag in which she gave me foodstuffs when I visited with the kids last summer is still in my kitchen. I am so grateful for the Grace to have taken her two granddaughters with us to the village last summer. That was the first time in 5 years they were seeing each other. Indeed the last time they were there was to bury their own mother, my best best best cousin whose death I didn’t even hear off – being in one of my wildernesses. The visit to the village therefore was cathartic for all of us. This is my memory and how I chose to grieve my dear aunt to eternity.

P.s: sometimes I want to not write or talk about stuff hoping it’ll just go away. But nope if I don’t let it out it muggles my mind – and that Ivshun so much.


5 thoughts on “Death visits – again: But am celebrating her life”

    1. Thanks Pammy, thanks so much. This is the 3rd in barely a month wow. But my aunt was such a sweet soul, she is gone so soon. I can celebrate because she lived a tough life and developed a heart problem. Now her woes are over. We will sure miss her physically but she is forever in our hearts

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