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Oh la la: How sad I was to realize it was but a dream…

Two nights ago I woke up in excitement before realizing where I was: in my bedroom in Douala Cameroon Africa and no where near the White House in DC USA America! What? And the actual first couple there are not Barack and Michelle Obama poor me. I mean what a dream for a prospective non immigrant even zut!

So here is that dream: I was an intern with the legal department of the White House, and my boss took me to a staff party. The president and first lady surprised staff and I dared to ask Michelle if she could sign my internship attestation. She said sure, just then my boss passed by with Barack and he called me up to introduce me to the President. I heard my name so loud I got up in a haste with a big smile…

And bam, I started laughing ad looked up to see the time: 3:45 am…I laughed so hard Alain who was already up reading, came in to ask if I was ok

Well, this is definitely nicer than the dream I had last week of the KKK torching 3 homes.

Wishing us all a happy weekend, am much better and looking forward to a socializing and movies weekend