Teaching my boys to save and manage their finances

The above picture was taken on Alain’s ( my 1st son on the right) 14th birthday last October 8th. We had been saving for months for a Chinese Buffet and it was going to be a first for them. No one took this lightly.

They’ve their banks crafted or bought by them, and we earn points when we save more. I have mine too and it’s so fun when at the end of a month, Alain has saved more than me lol. They get money from chores, gifts, pocket allowance and gigs around. Alain gives Gaby extra lessons for a monthly fee etc.
I think it is imperative they start learning now and not later. What you think world?


9 thoughts on “Teaching my boys to save and manage their finances”

    1. Oh Pammy am so glad you commented. I tried reaching you on your birthday via different means to no success. Yes your babies are sprouting lol and learning about life in the process hahaha

  1. The earlier we educate our children, the better the chances for their success. This applies to all aspects of life. I wish more parents recognized the importance and value in teaching these types of lessons.

    1. Thanks for your comment doc, I must confess it takes time, patience and yes love lots of. Sometimes, those are so hard to come by because of many factors. A decade ago, I didn’t have those one bit. I am convinced if I didn’t do the 360° personal transformation, I wouldn’t have been here for my kids like this and of course for all the others am inspiring and impacting in any way. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

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