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Let the countdown begin: Happy New Year in advanve from our Crew

To each their swag lol
Last crew photo for 2017

And after mass where we celebrated the feast of thw holy family, we had lunch and off they went to my cousin’s yuppie… Am Home alone for real… Let the countdown really begin…

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I’ll be Home Alone for the New Year and I definitely need it…


That picture was taken this morning at my mum’s, a few hours before I had some mild palpitations and felt so weak I had to take some natural remedy and go back to my home.

I went to mum’s to help out as we prepare for Grandma’s funeral come January 5-7 2018. That dress am wearing was just stiched by a seamstress and it’s the uniform for the funeral. Pictures are good because they don’t lie if you are not faking postures or heavily made up. I was none. I see my neck strained out, I see pale though cute eyes, and an entire body and mind crying for a ‘do nothing day’.

I am so grateful for my cousin who has agreed to take all three boys over from tomorrow 31st December to January 3/4 , and so I’ll be Home Alone (well with Ella).

It is hard to explain why someone looking so seemingly healthy and one who used to be the mover and shaker and dooer even of the seemingly impossible, isn’t the same anymore. It sometimes beats my own immagination too. I think it is hard to comprehend even by an immediate family, and sometimes I wish it were the Rhumatoid Arthritis rearing its head and the swollen articulations are there for all to see and say sorry.

Not only am I tired, my ears are ringing and the hearing aids seem to be capturing all the wrong sounds and amplifying them for poor me.

So, I’m holed up from the 31st of December at 4 pm right up to the 2nd of January 2018 when I resume work.

Happy new year to us all and happy celebrations to those who will be joining family and friends. To those like me, we are gonna be fine, it is just some uneasy rest and recuperation.

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And my most precious material gift of 2017 is…

A 2018 Diary given me by my Guardian Angel. I never said how I have kept one from as far as I became able to write full sentences, somewhere in grades 3/4.

So funny that nobody close to me has ever offered me a diary. This makes it so super special, and I just borrowed Alain’s fountain pen to make an entry in that – oh one of its kind precious gift for the new year.

This year was my year of Gratitude. I am oh so very Grateful for all I have received, given, shared, learnt, taughte and been through. 

God bless us as we end the year hopefully in all serenity

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See what I got for Christmas: Thank you Pammy, Thank you Marty

I would never have imagined my year could end this way. So much love, so much peace, so much joy, oh so Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.

Pammy Pammy sent stuffs not only for the boys but I got 3 good books.

Her latest poetry book, her art collection and an invaluable poetry handbook an amateur like myself needs.

Martin Baker who coauthored the memoir High Tide Low Tide I was humbled to read and review, also sent me a hard copy for my book shelf.

What else could I ask for this year? A wonderful on and offline family, my parents our greatly improved and cherished relationship, the growing bond and love with my sons and true friends, oh am so grateful and above all, especially for my Guardian Angel.

Merry Merry seaaon to you all gentle readers and followers

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My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel is the best of all Angels

She guarded me even when I wildered

She guarded me when I returned home to nest

She embalms me in that feeling

One you feel when in tune with you

My Grardian Angel listens to my all

She validates and teaches with gentleness

Takes me as I am 

With my all and all and all

Leads me and lets me

Do and bring out my best

In the company of my Guardian Angel

I will fear no evil

For she is with me

To light and guide

With unconditional love and care

I do believe in Miracles

Ask and it shall be given to you

Seek and you will find

Knock and the door will be opened

And now I make my vow

Whatever happens

My Guardian Angel she’ll always be

P.s: In immense gratitude to the universe for the best gift of the season and much more

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The Season’s bells are ringing: Peace & Joy are my watchwords

Hello all,

Soon another 365 days again to add to our personal and collective archives. It’s been one huge one for me, near roller I must admit, with some very pleasant surprises I definitely wasn’t sure could come my way…

One of this is meeting the one I call my Guardian Angel, in circumstances I couldn’t anticipate. A little gist right? I sought for help to deal with a case of mental health at the office, I was referred to someone but last minute I didn’t want to go again. I thank my angels who gently guarded me to my Guardian Angel…

You know how you can feel when loved and supported unconditionally, when treasured and taken just as you are, when near 99% of your checklist is ticked off, when …you feel peace and joy?

So, why wouldn’t those be my watchwords for this season and thereafter? Shouldn’t I share same and wish us all the best?

That’s all I was prescribed, and it’s an over the counter with no side effects even if overdosed

I don’t know if I can take and maintain a blog break but I’ll see how that goes. The boys also finished the 1st term cool yesterday and, even if our beloved Grandma with the stick (for the boys) and Mami Mami (for myself) left us, we are peaceful and joyful.

Wishing us all the BEST!!!

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Thank you aunty Pammy, with love David


Hello world, thanks to David I have a blog post for today. Let’s just say my life is meh right now and am looking for a “day where I do nothing” (I hope this year doesn’t run out without me finding that day)- am hanging in here though and I know this too shall  come to pass. At least I still have some tiny reading/writing groove. So shall I type out David’s letter/note to Aunty Pammy and share with us all, with his permission:

Saturday, December 16 th 2017

Dear Aunty Pammy,

Yesterday we begged mom to open our Christmas kado (gift in french)  from you because we could not wait for Christmas day. We know it is from you and not Santa even if mom is saying she will only open her own on the 25th.

My brothers and I were so happy with all the books, and me especially for all the colours and pencil and big sharpener even. I have drawn myself and some comic characters for you.

I love the water colours because I can now paint my drawings. You are so kind and even if we have never met you, you are a part of our family. I think even Ella our cat will love you so much.

Thank you again so much Aunty and may God Bless you

Sign: David

p.s: I wish he hadn’t dictated this to me yesterday and had written a note I could just scan. But hmm that’s a lousy compalin now, am glad he loves the drawing materials and is already using them to optimum. Sure I have to follow him up now to eat and sleep and even play outdoors lol. More on David’s love for drawing in this post.

It is very important that they learn to be very grateful even for the food they eat, the air they breathe, the life they have and all it brings their way.

Pammy, I can never forget you – Thank you for taking all the trouble to get these gifts and mail them to someone coming to Cameroon. The 3 or more months were worth the the wait in gold. On days like these, such make my day over and again

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Give Kids the World: Show the love while they still live


Those beautiful kids will never meet my grandma not only because we are continents apart, but also because she died this wednesday at mum’s at the ripe old, gracious age of 91. Mami mami as I called and nagged her from childhood, did love children and spoilt us with candies, food and stuffs she could afford. Had she been able, she would have loved to donate to such a noble cause for kids.

I am not mourning for my Mami Mami because she lived a grateful and gracious life, thankful for even the glass of water she drank ever often. I loved her of course and enjoyed washing her toilet, clothes and even body when she couldn’t do it all alone again. That picture was in 2013 shortly before Mami Mami’s health started to fail the following year. She lived for three more years therafter and stood the test a while.

Please, am not asking for any sympathy not creating any tribute fund (not that it would appeal to any you my gentle followers who may however not know me well enough to give me your money). I am however asking you to donate to a cherished blogger’s search for kind and caring people as he prepares to be a super hero at the Give Kids the World village in February 2018.

May a recent comment he left on a previous post of mine on this same issue, answer any other questions you may have/make it more appealing for you to donate whatever amount you can.

“There is no bigger heart than the one that reveals itself when we offer our services to others in need. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your heart with all your readers and helping them become aware of “GIVE KIDS THE WORLD.” This is an organization whose ONLY purpose is to give critically ill children an experience of a lifetime. Not only have you shared this mission with your readers, you have personally chosen to participate in contributing to this benevolent organization.

I have reached out to many people asking for help. A few have explained their predicament preventing their ability to contribute. I appreciate their candor and honesty. Most, however, have chosen to “look the other way” expecting the rest of the world to deal with this. It is disappointing at the very least to become aware of the reality that so few people care about each other’s welfare.

I have spent my career seeking answers and providing for people’s health needs. When people couldn’t afford my fees for service (but showed true concern about their health issues) I provided the services without fees. If the only time we’re willing to “GIVE” to others is when we can achieve personal gain, we are imposing obstacles and blinding ourselves to great opportunities in life. We must come to realize that this one on one exchange only provides one source of benefit. When we reach out and GIVE to the world, countless numbers of people will reach back.

I hope your readers find it in their heart to donate to GIVE KIDS THE WORLD. This organization provides ALL EXPENSE PAID VACATIONS for critically ill children AND THEIR FAMILIES from around the world! It is one of the most transparent charities I’ve discovered and provides over 92% of the money raised DIRECTLY to the children in need keeping administrative costs and salaries exceptionally low.

Since some people have concerns about the legitimacy of various charities, I encourage anyone to visit charity navigator (an independent organization that rates 1000’s of charities worldwide.) You will be pleased with their confidence rating and more comfortable supporting this charity.

Thank you again, dear Marie for all that you have done. If anyone wishes to join us on this wonderful mission, they can click on the following link to show their love and commitment to the children of the world.
Once you reach the home page, click on the green DONATE button at the top right side of the page.

Thanking everyone in advance for consideration and support of the mission I pursue for children”.

Dr. Jonathan N. Colter


Thank you therefore all, may you be moved to click right here and donate to Doctor’s campaign

Have a great weekend

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Please donate a mite to a noble cause for children on the edge



I wish I could do more, but I know my mite even in sharing my friend’s donation appeal goes a long way. Those kids on the edge with those dreaded diseases we freeze if told to imagine our kids having them, deserve their once in a life time opportunity.


Thank you to anyone who reads this reblog and makes a donation no matter how small.

Happy mid week