I broke the taboo

When I got there

I was scared to go near

I knew it was out of bounds

Heard it belonged to a shaggy fellow


He knew none will dare

offer to clear

all the clutter with any duster

it was an implied taboo to go any near


The reasons were never so clear

the arguements made no sense

 nor did I care for either  

was done with all the quagmires


I dared to ask and sure It was NO

I recalled Silent but Stuborn love

I dared to go there and did my best

the end result we both loved


a bond like none other had been born

Stigma can actually be from the source

It takes a lot to clear that out

But with love, it can be done



I broke the Taboo


p.s: Believe me when I write pictures are too graphic of the before to share – needless to share the picture of the after. I am most grateful for the grace to go through and clean up the clutter with passion, love and affection. I was proud of my work and stayed in that space a while with love. The appreciation was tremendous. Sometimes breaking through deserves silent love and nothing more.




10 thoughts on “I broke the taboo”

    1. Doctor, writing that poem and even recuperating from that reality has drained me further emotionally than I could anticipate. I think it is such apprehension that gets people prefer ‘taboo versions’ and this leads to stigma of both the ‘target’ and any who goes near them like myself. I have reached a point of I know what I want and own my emotional sensitivity, vulnerability and authenticity. Thanks for your comment

    2. And to also think I unconsciously aligned to the ‘taboo’ version without my usual questions and even defiance – zut…am just so grateful for the Grace with with which I broke that Taboo and even went back the next day to spend some time in that hitherto ‘taboo’ space

      1. This is all part of Growth and Development. For many people this concept ends when they become “adults.” For me I hope this concept doesn’t end until the day I die!

  1. Peace is theirs who seek to go through the boundaries of taboos. Most often taboos looks so solid but the reality is that only our thinking makes it that solid. Taboo or illusion? get an answer only when you broke one.

    1. Dear Abdou, thanks so much for your comment. The very first and on such a soulful post. Indeed, the peace I felt after breaking that ‘taboo’/illusion, completely ridiculed all the fear I had felt even thinking of just going near. Remembering the priceless book you lent me to read, Love indeed is letting go of fear. I loved so much, I closed to let go of that fear/illusion and hurray what Attitudinal healing that was. Thank you once more and hope you return again

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