My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel is the best of all Angels

She guarded me even when I wildered

She guarded me when I returned home to nest

She embalms me in that feeling

One you feel when in tune with you

My Grardian Angel listens to my all

She validates and teaches with gentleness

Takes me as I am 

With my all and all and all

Leads me and lets me

Do and bring out my best

In the company of my Guardian Angel

I will fear no evil

For she is with me

To light and guide

With unconditional love and care

I do believe in Miracles

Ask and it shall be given to you

Seek and you will find

Knock and the door will be opened

And now I make my vow

Whatever happens

My Guardian Angel she’ll always be

P.s: In immense gratitude to the universe for the best gift of the season and much more


7 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel”

  1. In today’s politically correct world, I’ll have to ask you to change your Guardian’s Angel gender from a “her” to an “entity.” In today’s world it’s possible “she” is actually a “he” that identifies as a “she!” 😀

    Hope your Guardian Angel keeps you safe and HAPPY during this holiday season. 🙂

    1. Lol doc, you got it. It was personification and wanting to embrace inclusion. I mean if I were queer so what? Seriously, I even thought of saying they, but it sounded all the more ‘queer’ to my ears.
      Yes, my GA keeps me and mine Happy and Safe and Serene.
      You so smart and funny I must admit. Thank you so much for your comment

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