Dynamics & Gymnastics

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!!!

Dear old or new friend

I need to let you in

To the dynamics & gymnastics

That troll your friend

And can make/mar her life

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!!!

Dear old or new friend

The dynamics & gymnastics

Are from external & internal

Forces I can & can’t control

Maybe you heard about dem words

Used in physics or logic

Schools or sports

Think of a body & mind 

In their place

Then imagine how they go

Dynamics & gymnastics

This way & that way

Peace & please

Act up or shut up

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

P.s: poem written at 1.20 am – been thrashing aroumd simce 11:11 pm. Ome of those nights where dynamics & gymnastics are in place. Trolling me around. But am braving this because I have braved some before. I can at least identify some issues and will see my therapist during the day before I go to mum’s ahead of granny’s fumeral.

Scheduling this poem just because the respite I think is in the writing it and not the clicking publish

Wishing us all the best 


4 thoughts on “Dynamics & Gymnastics”

  1. Sounds like the mind is racing slightly faster than the body is willing to accept. This is just another natural (temporary) state of being on the life spectrum. Releasing these thoughts (through blogging and counseling) is a very positive way of channeling these emotions (as you likely know.) Hopefully others learn through your efforts of sharing.

    Now get some sleep and begin enjoying your wonderful New Year!!

    1. Doc, thanks so much. I did get two hours of sleep after blogging and praying, then I did some small sports in the morning before meeting my therapist in the afternoon. When I got to mum’s by 4 pm, I went straight to bed and just got up again that is 90 mins later. I may still feel a bit drudged but am happy my mental wellness plan works and I don’t let anything escalate. I even have some soul sisters I email and know they care and support. I share my struggles to let people know that none is exempt really from mental muggles and a wellness
      Plan is VIP.

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